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Are these studies the first of their kind to demonstrate the ability of Stem Cells to repair Neurons?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) November 27th, 2011

I am the mother of an autistic young man. I pray they are.
Read about it here.
For all the Cynics. Dreams only come true if we work to make them reality. Research is why humankind survives longer than our ancestors did.

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I don’t know if it is the first study to demonstrate the ability of stems cells to repair neurons bu all research like this gives hope. I have a brother with schizophrenia, a cousin with severe cerebral palsy, another cousin with MS and had an uncle who died several years ago after a 30 year battle with Parkinson’s disease. Any kind of research that might find cures, or ways to mitigate the damage of these horrible diseases is more than welcome by me.

I know I didn’t answer your question but I was concerned that you seem to think there are so many cynics out there. I am most certainly not one of them.

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