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What would cause such sensitivity in my faucets?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11979points) November 28th, 2011 from iPhone

Every faucet in the house is very sensitive. If I turn it too far over it’s extremely hot. If I turn it just a tiny bit over to cool it down, it gets too cold to shower or wash dishes. I’m either burning myself or freezing cold. Why are all the faucets so sensitive? Can anything be done to fix this issue?

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I would start with turning the temp on your hot water heater down if you have access to it.

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I agree with @johnpowell for starters. Domestic hot water for most homes shouldn’t be higher than about 120°F (around 49°C). You don’t want to risk scalding and second degree burns simply from turning a faucet “a bit too warm”.

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Yes, turn down the hot water heater, especially now that you have the baby.

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Another vote for checking the temp on the water heater. 120 to 140 degrees F is about the highest you want.

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Ditto on turning down the hot water temp on the hot water heater. Especially when you have a young child the water coming out of a faucet should never be able to burn a child if turned all the way to hot. I know your child is still a baby, but as he gets older, you should not take the chance that he turns on only the hot in a sink or bath and gets burned. Young children have skin that is much more sensitive.

Side note: if you pay for utilities, turning down the hot water heater will save money, because the heater will not be turning on as much to keep the water hot.

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Everyone has suggested the temperature for the hot water heater. I agree with their answers, but your problem is with each faucet and the washers needing replacing.

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@johnpennington Thank you! That’s what I was looking for. I will turn the temp down but that won’t fix the sensitivity of my faucets.

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You are welcome.

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