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Is there a way I can watch a movie on my computer from my phone?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) November 28th, 2011

I have the HTC Inspire, my carrier is AT&T. The only internet I have at my house is through my S/Os phone. He can make his phone a wifi hot spot and I can get online on my computer using that. It works great for browsing the web, networking, basically everything but watching videos or movies. The wifi isn’t strong enough for that I guess. But I have Netflix on my phone and when I watch it on there it runs flawlessly. Is there a way I can hook my phone up to my laptop and watch what I am playing on my phone on my computers screen?

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The short answer is “no”.

It is a matter of resolution. A low-res video that works perfectly fine on a phone looks kind of blocky on a bigger screen while something that looks good on any screen larger than about 7 inches requires more bandwidth than a 3G cell-phone can handle. The Desire can handle 4G speed, but AT&T mostly can’t. It’s not the wifi, but rather, the cellular network. That is why streaming kind of sucks.

Now, for videos that you download to view later, those will not have an issue…

BTW, a phone with an HDMI output makes things much easier ;)

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@jerv my phone is 4G and HD, also my computer is HD as well… The carrier that my S/O has, which is the svc i guess i would be drawing my wifi off of, is not AT&T, he has a different cell phone provider. we were able to hook up my phone to the tv and watch what i recorded on my phone on my tvs screen. but i cant figure out how to get it to do vidoes im an watching online on my phone to my computer.

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If you had an iphone or ipod it would be easy, and there is a difference betweeen phone HD and real HD. How will a 720p HD video work on a 360p screen?

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@XOIIO Conversely, how does a 360p or 480p video work on a 1080p screen? There is a reason I don’t bother with the HDMI jack on my phone; any movie formatted for it looks like shit on a 32” screen, and anything formatted for my TV/monitor either takes too much storage space or clogs my bandwidth. I find that a PC with 7Mbps DSL and forty times the storage space works so much better. By that, I mean it actually works.

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The question has already been answered, but to throw my answer into the mix, to watch a streaming video at 360p or 480p on a small computer screen, you’ll need at least 15MBps (something like RoadRunner [which is what I have….it’s good enough for me]). You can’t get that on 3G; and 4G isn’t really there yet either, though it has the potential after all the carriers get their ducks in a row in a few years. To watch 1080p video on a big screen TV, you’re looking at 50MBps minimum (Something like Fios).

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@jerv Yeah lol

Nothing like 1080p on a 20 inch monitor ooohh baby

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