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How do you burn a movie onto a DVD, when the movie file has two tracks?

Asked by jlm11f (12388points) May 20th, 2008

The movie has two tracks, first track is french and second is english. When you play the original movie file (.avi) on the computer, you can choose to watch it in whatever track you want. But when you try burning the movie, it doesn’t give you an option and only burns it in french (I use NERO Vision as my burner). After burning it via NERO, VLC player shows only the french audio track as burned and so the dvd will play in only french in VLC or any external dvd player. Thanks in advance and please ask if I wasn’t clear!

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Yeah…my experience has been that the feature you’re describing is software-dependent; that is you have to have a DVD-authoring software app that can enable alternate audio tracks; seeing as you’re on PC/Windows, I’m not too sure about solutions other than to recommend a pro app like Adobe Encore CS3 which supports alternate language coding and audio tracks; on the Mac OS, Final Cut Studio (suite) has DVD Studio Pro, which handles this feature quite readily, as does Roxio’s Toast 9 Premium.

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Sounds good! thank you for your answer. I will definitely try the Adobe software you recommended!

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No worries-after a cursory Google search, I found a couple more options for you (paid, free); still IMO, the interoperability with Photoshop and Adobe CS products puts Encore at the front of the pack. But I like to comparison shop myself, so here you go:

Ulead $99

Here is a good primer on DVD authoring (terms and features), but a bit older

DVD Lab Studio $99

And a treasure trove of various quality DVD apps that are freeware for PC/Windows.

Good luck on your quest! P.S., if you’re a student, you may qualify for student pricing esp. on the Adobe products…

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You could also use iDVD on a Mac as long as you have iLife.

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@swimmindude2496: I was recommending based off of the mention of Nero (Windows app), but yeah, iDVD is basically free for new Mac owners; does the latest version in fact have alternate audio track as a feature? If it does, I didn’t realize it :)

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Hold on. iDVD isn’t free for new mac owners you have to pay for it in iLife? I thought.

Yeah I just checked. What do you mean its free.

Does GarageBand and iWeb and iPhoto and everything else come on the Mac without iLife?

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i do like to comparison shop too! but like you said, as i am a student, i will hopefully get some good discounts. I don’t really use Adobe Photoshop etc, (i used to at a point, but then I decided it was too intricate and too much work for me to deal with), so the interoperability doesn’t really apply to me, but I do trust Adobe products, so I think I will end up sticking with Encore. I am really enjoying the site with freeware burning options that you linked me too though!

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iLife ‘08 is included with every new mac purchase (notebooks and desktops); you can see for yourself here

If you click on the link above, then click on any computer icon, then scroll to the bottom of that page, you’ll see it-although It’s somewhat hidden in the minutia of the description, but at the bottom, under included software, click on the link for “Applications” and you see that it is indeed included!

iLife ‘08 includes: iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, iPhoto, iWeb, and .Mac web gallery tool (you can only use the last one if you have a .mac account though).

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YOU CAN ALSO USE Picasa for the movie!

and thanks sndfreQ

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Well we use DVDFab Platinum and my dad is a computer tech and hasn’t had any problems with it. It burns great and still gives us all the options on the menu.

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NERO is also a great one just got to download it.

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Roxio and Nero, or DVD studio pro if you’re on a mac.

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