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Can anyone recommend an awesome out-of-the-way place to go for a weekend in Baja California?

Asked by Emilyy (2133points) May 15th, 2008

Looking for something that isn’t touristy or resorty.

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San Quintin was nice 20 years ago when I was there.

Check the latest edition of “The People’s Guide to Mexico.”

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How about an eco tour of Cedros Island if you like wildlife?

If you want to be out of the way make sure you get off highway 1.

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Canyon de Guadalupe

It’s not “touristy“but it is in the Lonely planet I discovered. You camp there, and each camp site has a private natural hot tub. but…it is not in a town and down a long, long, crazy road. you need a car with high clearance to get there. i went a few years ago with 8 girls and it was great. we also could hike to an amazing waterfall where you could swim at the bottom and the hike was 30 mins or less….....but we went in may and it was really really hot…are you going soon??? i wouldnt recommend going much later than now because it will be too hot and you wont enjoy the hot springs….

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Cabo Pulmo . . . beautiful national park.

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