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How to copy/paste with Android?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) December 2nd, 2011 from iPhone

Or does it vary depending upon the device?

I’m talking about a tablet rather than a phone if that makes a difference. Acer Iconia A100

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Copy paste what?

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Primarily links to sites or vids, but basically the same types of things as I would when using a regular computer.

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Ok, so on a touchscreen you press and hold for a couple seconds, and a menu should pop up, and then one of those options should be Select Text, and you select that option, and then push on the text you want to select (or the general area around it), and then a couple of little tear drop icons or whatever appear and you move them around to the beginning and end of the text you want to copy until it’s highlighted the text you want to copy, and the click the icon of papers. And then it’s copied to clipboard. And then go where ever you want to input it into, push and hold, and it’ll say ‘paste’, and you click that.
Or, at least, that’s how I do it on my phone.

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