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I'm getting a new digital camera as a present. Any ideas for where I can donate the old one?

Asked by answerjill (6057points) December 4th, 2011

First, please do not suggest that I donate the camera to you! I would like to donate it to an organization. The old camera is fully-functioning, but my new one will have more up-to-date and advanced features.

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Wow, never thought of that. I usually consider myself lucky when I can just recycle electronics.
(I have a few operational but similarly obsolete cameras in a drawer. I saved them mostly because I just might think of something to do with lenses, and there they are… they have been there for a while, though.)

Would the Goodwill/SalvationArmy take a donation like that?

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Call some local charities that you support and ask if they could use it. The Humane Society probably could.

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Battered womans shelter. They can use it to document abuse.

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That’s a great idea! I never thought to do something like that although I’ve only had 1 camera and it’s 5+ years old.

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@sevenfourteen – This camera came out in 2005, but with the way technology moves so fast these days…

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I definitely agree that the technology has vastly improved, I just have no use for a new one. I’ve brought mine to Central America twice and it gets the job done. I also rely on others for pictures since we have facebook and whatnot.

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Local charity could definitely use it, contact them.

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