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Why is my login screen on my Mac different?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) December 6th, 2011

I’ve seen the login screen on my friend’s macbook looks different than the one on my macbook.

My friend’s login screen is like this:

And mine looks like this:

How can I make it look like the first picture?

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That depends on the version of OS or it might possible your friend or you using any theme.

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@matthewalexiso My OSX is 10.6 Snow Leopard and I’m not using any theme at all nor is my friend.

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Make sure your user account is actually an admin. if someone else set up your Mac it’s likely there’s a second account on there (the admin), and that account is managing your account as a “user” without admin privileges.

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@sndfreQ My account is the admin. I’m trying to go to the Login Options but everything is gray so I can’t choose how I want to set it up. Does that make a difference?

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Is this the screen you see when you first boot up? it looks a lot like the prompt that pops up when the mac is woken up from screensaving/sleep.

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@xTheDreamer you have to click on the lock icon in the login options preferences to unlock it by typing in you admin password in order to make changes.

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@sinscriven Yea it is the screen I see when I first boot up and also when it’s woken up from screensaving/sleep.

@gorillapaws Thanks, I’ll try that out and see if it works!

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