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Do you still buy CDs?

Asked by Wine3213 (1108points) June 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

What I mean is: Do you physically go to the store, and buy an album? Or do you strictly download?

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Yes. I like having the CD and just transferring the info to iTunes. CDs are easy to handle in the car stereo, plus it’s nice to get the artwork and liner notes. I also like to hit the library and check out CDs. It’s the cheap way to go.
And I am.

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Buy what???
I have a 4% saving account.
No CDs for me.
Ohhh those, why buy what you can get for free?

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Very rarely. I do a lot of impulse music shopping. Only go for the CD’s if I either can’t get it on iTunes or I really want the printed material with it.

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Haven’t bought one in a while but yes, I still like em! And we ain’t getting rid of our gigantic collection yet…

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Oh and especially like to buy them to support local (or unsigned) musicians.

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Hell no! Only when my friends are the musicians. CDs are the new tapes.

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@thebeadholder Yeah, that helps unsigned artists a lot.

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Occasionally. I bought year zero by NIN on CD. And I’m probably the only idiot who paid full price for In Rainbows. But typically I download.

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I can’t remember what the last one I bought was. I do know that I was using a G3 500 iMac at the time. And that was a new computer so it was a long time ago.

Now I download and try to buy tee-shirts and go to shows to support bands. I actually spend more now then I did when I only bought CDs.

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I have a big CD collection, but I don’t remember the last time I actually bought one. It’s been a long time.

The good old days when I used to look forward when a new CD was coming out.

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Not at all. I buy vinyl occasionally but CDs are a waist of space when I can just download.

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And I should add that ten years ago I only listened to about twenty bands. Thanks to downloading I listen to hundreds now. The barrier to entry is so low that I can check out a couple of new bands every day if I want. I couldn’t afford to do that if I had to pay 15$ to hear a new band.

But the bands that I do download and actually like (about 5%) will get my money if they ever play a show here. Or if they have a cool shirt or hoodie that I can order.

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JP- I find the same is true for me. Just an hour ago I ordered a tee from this (free) music podcast I listen to religiously. The mixes they put out are better than what I could find on any CD and cost nothing. If they did a pledge drive I would totally contribute but for now I will just have to support/advertise via t-shirt.

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Yes, I do still buy CDs. I like to be able to play them in my stereo or in the car, and I’m not very good at downloading songs and my interent isn’t very fast so CDs are great.

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About four years ago I wanted to listen to a Fugazi album (13 Songs) and I found it easier to download it with bittorrent than it was to dig the CD out of the boxes. I had just moved and all my CDs were scattered around in various boxes.

It took about 5 minutes to download. I would have spent hours tearing boxes apart to find the actual CD.

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Nope. I signed up for iTunes the day it came out and haven’t looked back. I will buy CDs from local unsigned artists (if they are being sold at a coffee shop or such). In fact, I just sold off my last box of CDs for store credit at Newbury Comics – and bought comics with it.

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Yes, I still buy cds. It is said that is a lost art.

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I can’t, because I live on an island where the one CD shop we had was forced to shut down because he couldn’t keep up with the new technologies. Every now and then when I’m on vacation and not near my computer, I might find a CD I like and buy it though. Once in a blue moon.

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I do, nothing like having it, the art work etc, besides, I like to see how I’m getting old reflected on the music I have :)

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I haven’t purchased a CD since I purchased my first iPod several years ago.

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i dont buy them, the only time i get CDs is if someone gives them to me.

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Yes i do, but i also download. depends on how much i like the music and how available it is.

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I buy CDs of indie artists who I love. Every single time, it’s been me and the artist doing the transaction directly. I love that. I have no interest in most of today’s popular music. The last actual mainstream CD I bought was Velvet Revolver’s Contraband 4 years ago.

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I download almost everything I listen to (and watch), but some music is impossible to find on the internet. There are also bands that have amazing CD booklets, like Tool. I will always buy those

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I have not bought a cd since my sophomore year in high school i listen to mostly mp3’s now or satellite radio

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I still do
Sue me

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