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Will there be a surprise Republican candidate?

Asked by JLeslie (61841points) December 14th, 2011

Who would you guess might come from way behind in the Republican party, or out of nowhere, for the office of the President? Someine who you feel really has a shot.

Kind of off the main topic, but related, Donald Trump said the other day he might run as an Independent if he thinks the Republican candidate chosen is not strong. Feel free to name an independent you think might cause a real upset.

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No, it is too late to register as a nominee in too many key states for a successful last minute candidate, unless one is drafted at the convention.

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I wish there could be- I can’t stand ANY of the candidates, Republican or otherwise.

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Nope. I love the comedic material, though.

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I’ve been toying with throwing myself in to the fray . . .

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I don’t think so, I think it is too late to register to run. out of the rabid pack of Republicans that are declared running for the nomination, Ron Paul seems to be the least objectionable. however, I am not sure that he is ‘crazy’ enough for the Republicans to pick him.

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Donald would just play “spoiler”, I believe the party of Twiddle Dee will hold tight behind Obama. Twiddle dumb are hacking themselves apart, so when the real race starts Twiddle Dee will have so much negative on their candidate, the attack ads will be worse than a pit bull on a bunny rabbit.

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I don’t rule out Sarah Plain and tall Palin trying to sneek in, but everyone is onto her ignorance.

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@Blondesjon You’re right, I’m wrong.
Given that I can say that shows I am not running for the Republican nomination.

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If we knew about it now, would it really be a surprise?

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Gary Johnson keeps making noises like he’ll run as a third party candidate. He’s a little miffed that he hasn’t gotten any attention. He could be a spoiler but he’d need some juice to do it.

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Palin’s the only one I can think of who might try it.

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Half of them seem to have already been surprises. How much more do you want?

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@augustlan, bite thy tongue! I know that that was a joke (It was, wasn’t it?) but that’s not even fun to joke about. She’s conceited enough to think that if she ran and won, she could “fix” everything!

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@GracieT I truly wouldn’t put it past her. Blech!

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