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What was the highlight of your day?

Asked by Tbag (3325points) December 19th, 2011 from iPhone

Is it happy, sad, flabbergasting, surprising, interesting, cute, evil-ish, good, bad, normal? Yeah you get the idea! Mine was talking to my cousin. Haven’t talked for quite a while so it was a good feeling.

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So far it was the chat with my boyfriend this moring before work.

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I haven’t had it yet. I am expecting to speak to some friends later today. Good times.

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Yesterday? Finding out that a loss of taste sensation is normal and usually temporary after the surgery my wife had.

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I had two fried eggs, cheese, bacon, and a hashbrown in a kaiser roll. “Boss”.

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I woke up. Seriously, it is 8:05AM here.

But I plan on going out to get Allie a b-bay/c-mas present. She said she wants a rabbit. I’m not sure how I would go about mailing a live animal.

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It’s still a bit early here to have a highlight yet. Yesterday was watching our daughter at her Christmas dance recital. She also won the raffle for a free semester of dance lessons ($99 value). We’ve never won a raffle before, so it was a nice surprise and a great way to end the day.

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The highlight of my day is usually whenever I talk to my best guy friend. I haven’t talked to him today yet (and I’m not sure if I will as I am seeing another friend today), but I did talk to him yesterday and the passion he shared with me about something as simple as a video game he was playing meant a lot to me. He also shares other things with me like pictures and/or quotes he likes, stories he’s read online or in the newspaper, and more. I like talking to him. He always seems to know how to make my day, perhaps without even trying.

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Right this minute. I have an hour to kill between classes with nothing to do. The office is quiet and I don’t have to grade finals until this afternoon.

Right now, I’m chilling.

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Where are you, geographically? It’s only 11:42 AM where I am, so not much has happened. In fact, the highlight so far was grapefruit at breakfast, but now I have a tuna melt cooking, mmm. Hope fun stuff happens today!

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I don’t kiss and tell. But it was great.

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Picking up the last of my presents from the post office, getting home and having a large glass of wine! (its 5.30pm in the UK and its Christmas!)

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That it’s raining and I didn’t have to get up for work!

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I’ve had a rubbish day. Husband is throwing up, so have been dealing with that as well as nit combing my two kid’s hair as they have been infested. So the highlight has been keeping my dinner down…

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yesterday, I took bbq leftovers to my sisters.
Today, I went to the post office and got a hot dog.

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They selling hot dogs at the post office now? Wow..they must be in some serious financial trouble!

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Today, waking up and feeling healthy was a good beginning.

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The highlight was getting a Yes from a friend that was about to face a lonely Christmas – though my hands are tied over Christmas itself, I’ve invited him to spend a couple of nights joining my festivities from boxing day onwards. I think (I hope) he now has something to look forward :-) (Well if a complete stranger, er, I mean Santa, can buy me a fluther mug, it’s the least I can do to pass the generous spirit forward!)

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My fireplace. Right now it’s cold and shitty out and it’s better when it’s in use. Everything seems better.

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At this very moment, my husband is cooking me bacon, eggs and toast. That’s a nice feeling. :)

Yesterday, it was watching my kids decorate our little Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music.

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@woodcutter I have a nice fire going so thanks for pointing out that yours is your highlight. Think I’ll make it mine too

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Getting a parcel in the mail – a surprise Christmas gift where a cousin made me a family branch scrap book. Ah, now THAT sprays evergreen mist on my heart’s dry bough!

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My husband took my mom and out to see Sherlock Holmes at the movies and showed mom how to sneak in a coffee drink. Some people dread their in-laws but my guy and my mom get along well, it feels good to have fun together.

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I received an overdue parcel of replica shirts from my football teams online store.

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Talking with my friends in band class. They’re always fun to talk to. Yesterday it was decorating our little tree at @augustlan‘s house!

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Tucking into a box of After Eight’s after a day in the library.

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Putting on my flannel nightie at 4 p.m. after getting all my errands and chores done.

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Now that it’s later in the day…the highlight for me was being an elf with my dad. My mom gets super stressed at the holidays because she’s working and doesn’t have time to get ready, so my dad and I did all the lights, the tree, etc. and she loved it when she got home. yay!

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A rim job from the ghost of Annie Oakley.

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A long to-do list at work, then looking at it at 5 PM and…everything’s checked off!

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My highlight of the day: Waking up at 2pm. It was good to have a undisturbed, long lie-in.

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Ben & Jerry Ice Cream with a side of cookies has done it so far for me, but the night is still young.

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Nothing. But I’m not being an emo here. Nothing sucked either, so it was all pretty cool.

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Update: A few minutes ago, Mr. Augustlan walked by, gave me a hug and a kiss, and told me I’m the love of his life. Then he went back to playing Final Fantasy. Perfect man.

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@augustlan Final Fantasy! I’m curious, which one is he playing?

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The online one?

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Yep. Are you playing online, too?

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Nah, I stick to the older titles. (14 is also online) Not much of an online player, but for a first experience, I’d definitely try one of the online FF games. I heard good of them and I heard bad, so I denno lol.

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