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My client's seeing something I can't duplicate, Can you check this Web site for me?

Asked by ETpro (34415points) December 19th, 2011

I just finished a makeover for The item pages allow the site owner to upload a main image and as many as 11 alternate views. The alternate views are supposed to show in a row above the main image, and clicking any one should swap it with the main image. Any image in the main image display should be clickable, and show a near full-page enlargement.

All is working fine for me in IE8 and 9, Firefox and Google Chrome. But my client is finding first one page, then later another where only the thumbnails display, no main image, and the thumbnails won’t show up in the main image window when clicked. He says the problem moves from one page to another now and then, and that when a given page acts up, it does so for quite a while before the issue migrates to some other page instead, and clears up on the previous problem page. That’s pretty strange.

I can’t troubleshoot a problem I can never make show up. I’m wondering if it shows up for others, or just on my client’s machine. Could you take a quick look at
and a few other product pages and let me know if they all work for you, or if you have problems? In either case, whatever you can tell me about the browser, version, operating system and version, and computer might help.

I don’t doubt my client. I am sure he’s really seeing the strange glitch he’s describing to me. I just need to nail down whether it’s something amiss in the JavaScript that manages the image swap, and lots of people hit it, or if it’s a problem on his particular combo of hardware, software and perhaps even a virus or two.

Feel free to post answers or PM me if you prefer.

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Both links worked the way there were supposed to for me. I’m using:
Safari 5.0.6
Mac OS X 10.5.8

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Are the images supposed to open in a a new window or are you trying to do a lightbox?

In Firefox and Safari they open in a new window. Here is the big problem. In Safari when I close the window that is spawned when clicking the image the page is greyed out and I can’t click on anything.

edit :: Latest versions of both browsers and OS X 10.7.2

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IE7 on XP does not line the frames up correctly. It shows up with a large white space and the images displayed below

FireFox 8.01 on XP is fine
All work ok on Win7 with IE9 or IE8 as well as Firefox

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@Seaofclouds Thanks.

@johnpowell I’m opening them in a new window now because the Lightbox script I had conflicted with the JavaScript for the image swap. I’m developing new code for a real lightbox effect, and will roll that fix into this site when it is available. Thanks for the info on the Safari issue. I will jump right on that.

@blueiiznh Thanks for the IE7 report. I don’t any longer have a copy. Microsoft decided that for me. :-(

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Work fine. It might be tracing his IP address and knows he’s the owner and may display it differently.

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@whitetigress Indeed his ISP may be part of the problem. He uses Alltel, and is in a rurla area. To try to make their paltry bandwidth look fast, they cache everything including scripting, which leaves it coming from an unrecognized server. It’s a killer with the floating cart, where trusted servers with HTTPS connections are absolutely required for AJAX calls to the checkout system to work.

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I’m going to say its a hardware problem for him. I’m running a MacBookPro with 10.7.2 on latest Google Chrome. Perhaps its loading for him?

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@whitetigress Clearly from the above, there are a couple of real issues, but I’m thinking you are right. What he is complaining about is specific to this set-up.

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Worked like a charm in both links. I have a Macbook Pro OSX 10.7.2 / Safari 7.1.1

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@mazingerz88 Thank you so much.

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