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When is the last time you bought a CD?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) December 21st, 2011

They’re starting to go extinct like the casette tape. I can’t even remember what CD I bought last.

Virtual CD’s don’t count – only tangible CDs.

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I buy them at shows all the time. Well, when I got to shows which used to be all the time…Not so much this year.

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Last week
Got Dead can Dance’s first album and Eyehategod’s “Dopesick”

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About a month ago I got the new Thomas Dolby CD, and listened to it on the way home from Disneyland. It wasn’t as good as I hoped, though I will listen a few more times before passing final judgement on where it belongs on my shelf.
I expect to get an iPod next year, which may coincide with the end of the world.

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September 24th 2003, it was a Thursday, around tea-time.

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I honestly cant remember the last time I bought a cd. Its probably been close to about 10 years now.

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I do not think I ever did.

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Been years my friend! But I’m thinking about it again. I like to listen to music particularly in the car, and at the moment I just pop all my music into a usb 4gb. I do love supporting musicians so I buy their vinyls, but that’s for the house and I’m starting to rarely listen in the house. Probably once a month now. I’m considering buying cd’s again because you still get album art and I could listen in the car, they do take up less space as well… hmmm..

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Last Summer. I could’ve downloaded it, but I didn’t. Moral superiority for the win.

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A week ago Tuesday.

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Maybe tomorrow. Someone on my Christmas List wants a CD of The Bee Gees Greatest Hits.

My search begins in less than 24 hours.

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Last week. Andrea Bocelli’s “Concert in the Park.” I don’t own an ipod or similar device so I listen to CD’s all the time.

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Oh boy, 1999?

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Last week as a christmas gift.

The last time I bought a CD for myself was about 9 or 10 years ago.

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Yeah, with the abundance of so much “free” music on the web, it’s been a few years.

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I bought one at a concert I went to. A few years ago.

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Last year near Christmas. I think it was the Susan Boyle CD.

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A couple of months ago. Usually I’ll just buy an MP3 from Amazon if I like a particular song, but I still occasionally buy whole CDs from Amazon or from an actual store (though actual stores that have a decent selection are getting harder and harder to find).

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I literally can’t remember the last time I bought an actual CD. I only use my iPod, so what’s the point? I just buy off of iTunes. Even then, I very rarely buy whole albums.

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Earlier 2011, a QOTSA/Kyuss out of circulation CD.

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A physical CD? A long, long time ago… I think my mum bought a soundtrack for me as a gift or something if receiving a CD counts too. The last time I bought music was when Radiohead released The King of Limbs online. I pre-ordered the digital files, but that was it.

I’m going to be honest here: I rarely pay for music anymore. I’ll support an independent artist and use up the iTunes gift cards I’m given, but that’s about it.

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2004 was the last official cd I bought. In 2007 I was driving a rental car with no aux plug (but it had a cd player) and knew I would go crazy without music – so I went out and got a copy of two albums I already had in my ipod. But alas – the cd is dying. I’m okay with that, though. I always hated the cd. It just never felt right.

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@Neizvestnaya . . . which one. i must have them all.

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Just last week, I picked up Foster the People’s debut album Torches. I prefer having the hard copy, it makes it feel like I actually own an album.

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Three weeks ago I bought Dinosaur Jr.‘s Farm. I usually buy a CD every week but I’ve stopped lately because I need the money to buy christmas presents.

I download CDs to my computer and it’s the same as if I bought them on iTunes. I like having a backup in case something happens to my computer. Liner notes are cool too.

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The last CD I bought was for @Blondesjon. It was QOTSA. That was 2 years ago.

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I bought Rock ‘n’ Roll Party (Honoring Les Paul) by Jeff Beck in March, 2011.

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I buy blank CD’s all the time. It is how I burn my music to play on my cd players. I’ll admit that I havn’t brought a regular music cd in at least two years since I find it cheaper to just burn the songs that I like.

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For myself it was Christina Perri’s album back in September.

I have bought Nightwish’s new CD for my dad for Christmas.

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About 6 months ago maybe? The only reason I haven’t bought more is because I don’t have enough spare cash for them at present.

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About 2 weeks ago at a concert. I got to meet the artist, Anne Heaton, and she personally signed my CD case.

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My kids bought me one for Christmas, does that count? :)

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