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What's the one CD you would take with you on a roadtrip if you could only bring one?

Asked by BCarlyle (387points) November 15th, 2006
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Electric Six - Fire
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Dwight Yokum - Guitars and Caddilacs
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Erykah Badu Live...nothing beats groovin and singing sultry songs in the driver's seat
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Leonard Cohen--take your pick!
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Right now, Mates of State. They're awesome
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I would take an Mp3 CD, full with 700MB of my favorite music.
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Any Guster CD
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The American Recordings box set by Johnny Cash. Or the sound track for Amadeus. Or anything by Billy Holiday (be still O heart, talking
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'bout sultry!
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A mix cd, obviously, since who could know what I'd be in the mood for during a roadtrip. If it had to be one artist I'd go with Rockapella, because they cover so many genres.
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The Capitol Steps.
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Graceland, Paul Simon
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Right now, the Best of Angelique Kidjo. It's very dreamy, dancey, words that could mean anything, makes me feel like humming.

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John Legend-Live at the Knitting Factory 2004… unless an mp3 CD was an option then you have to go with the volume.

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i’d take a album of billy talent or mindless self indulgence, unless of course i was aloud a mix cd, then that!

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John Mayer’s first album!

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In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson. That reminds me of road trip material and it’s probably his best album.

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