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What hairstyle should I go with?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) December 22nd, 2011

I am debating between these. Which should I choose, or do you have something else to suggest? I have long thick hair with a little waviness.


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Firstly, we would need to know what you look like to say whether you would suit those hairstyles. Other than that though, they are all very, very similar. I think (I am not a hairdresser!), to obtain those looks would be more about how you dry and style your hair than the cut. They really are all very much the same thing with slight differences. If you have dark, thick hair, I think any of those styles would suit your hair type.

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They are all similar. Are you asking about just style, or color too? You have four similar styles, but four different colors. The style with more layers will be easier to maintain throughout the day, I think that would be Kim K., because all one length hair needs to be brushed more often, and recouffed usually to keep it looking like it did in the morning. However, if your hair is wavy, sometimes cutting in layers causes it to be curlier, and the initial styling in the morning takes more time. It’s really impossible to give advice without knowing what you like.

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If your hair is long and thick, I would go with the one that Kim Kardashian has.

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Go with #3. It is straighter.

The others look artificial.

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I like the one Gwyneth has and the last one. They’re both very stylish.

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Keep in mind, those four celebrity photograph hairstyles take a lot of work. To achieve that look, you’d have to spend a long time every morning with curling irons and such, and it might not even last without a team of professional stylists. Good luck!

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If your hair has a bit of waviness to it and is thick, than you have to keep in mind that once you cut it shorter it will become fuller on top. So number 3 and 1 probably won’t work. Kims hair is as you describe and would probably better suit your hair. Number 4 looks as if it will have too many layers and will probably poof up unless your hair texture is not as wavy as you think. If it is really thick than you may need your hair to be thinned out so it won’t look bigger on top than the bottom.

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Obviously you have long hair (or at least like the look of long hair).. My vote is all the above because I have a thing for long hair myself..

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