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If all the Republican and Democratic Senators and House Representatives were dumped on an island for six months with no support whatsoever, what do you think would happen?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25926points) December 22nd, 2011

Would they then end up more compromising in order to survive or would form the same opposing factions and throw coconuts if not rocks at each other?

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Par-tay for the rest of us. Some of those who believe that Congress (and the President) “run” the country might be happily disabused of that nonsensical belief.

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Each one would stand around, pointing fingers, explaining why somebody else is do blame for why they are all starving to death; there would be no survivors.

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Naked tickle fight

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I forgot which work I saw it from, but I just remember reading some philosopher, and he essentially said all those powerful men with their money aren’t jack shit when we’re all in the woods naked lol. I think it was Rousseau or Hume, but it was seriously the funniest, truest thing I’ve ever heard. You would see these people at their most animal.

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The democrats would call the republicans, Teapublicans.

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Parasites require a host. They’d starve.

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The Democrats would be doing all the work while the Republicans “directed” them.

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We’d get the economy fixed.

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No one would know who is a Republican and who is a Democrat, none of that would matter on the island.

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I don’t know but it’s a great idea and would sure buy a ticket to see that. They’d have to actually work to survive. It would be good for them. They might just figure out that when they just talk and get in each other’s way and obstruct action instead of engaging in action they won’t survive very long. When are they going to the island? I can hardly wait.

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They’d get an idea of what it’s like for the average citizen.

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I know what we could do @lillycoyote! While they’re starving on the island we could sit a mile offshore and argue about what kind of net we should use to catch some fish for them! We’d have speakers set up in the trees so they could hear us! We could argue for days! And then one of us could go sulk for a month so that there aren’t enough people to haul in whatever net is decided on. You in?

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The democrats would wind up dead – the republicans are much, much meaner. Nasty buggers.

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There would be one fat ass senator left.

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It is a great idea for a TV reality show prior to an election.

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“Survivor: Congress”

It’s a concept. I like it. I could sell ad space on that program – and no political ads accepted.

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If we could observe, we would find most of these folks that have voted against gay rights engaging in things that they have described as abominable and blasphemous and sinful, but enjoying it anyway. They’re so used to “farcking US up the arse” that when they couldn’t do that to us, they would start doing it with each other, because they like it, but just won’t admit it. Some of those Senator and Congressman have a pretty wide stance. And when the rest of them realized that they couldn’t jerk US around, they’d starting jerking each other off. There is the likelihood that they’d all starve to death, because they’d be so busy farcking and jerking that they would forget to look for food.

Unfortunately when and if they got off the island, they would deny, deny, deny and they would claim that they were never on an island and they were simply hiking the appalachian trail.

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Thinking about it has put a smile on my face.
I wish we could legally arrange it.
I think they would all blame each other. Just as they always do. I blame them, the Lobbyist and the wealthiest one percent.
What if a prerequisite for running for Congress was recently working at the type of job most American’s do and having to provide for their families on the salary most Middle class people make? What if they couldn’t dip into their Trust funds?

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I think congress would be more productive with Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman as the only available members. ;-)

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@Brian1946 Lieberman is an independent because he doesn’t have the courage to admit he is a Republican.

I think we’d see cannibalism on a scale not sen since the Donner Party. And those weak young Tea Partiers would be the first to go with the old, cutthroat Republican sharks cutting them out one by one.

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Ron Paul, being a doctor, might end up being the head honcho. Heck, them Dems might even try abducting him. Newt Gingrich might just appear from nowhere and start lecturing everyone on how to split coconuts by merely being sharply hypocritical. After being reminded that he is not a member of congress, they will then avoid him like the plague.

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@mazingerz88 New’s going to wait for other members of congress to have children on the island and then make the children work. :-)

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Great question. I think that as the death toll mounted, and as each oncve realized they might be next, the cohesiveness of the Greatest Generation would overtake them. They would realize the truth of Ben Franklin;s words, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” I deeply long for the day when we are no longer Libs or Cons, but remember again that we are all Americans and that we are one race, the human race.

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I’ve been thinking about this one and I hate to be sexist but there are 73 women who are representatives and 17 who are senators in the current congress and when push comes to shove, when survival is at stake, I have a feeling the women would be the ones who man up in this situation. They won’t put up with a lot of whining or laying about and if the men won’t do what needs to be done, they will; because someone has to. They will get done what needs to be done. And 4 of them are from Texas. Women from Texas are tough. I may not like Kay Bailey Hutchinson but she doesn’t take crap from anyone. Gabrielle Giffords is pretty tough too. And there are a number of other female members of congress from the south. The Steel Magnolias will also take care of business. And I don’t really know anything about Shelley Moore Capito, she’s a Republican so who knows, but I know West Virginians are made of very sturdy stock and don’t take crap from anyone either. Though Michelle Bachman would probably be praying and chattering on all the time when she should be gathering firewood and be pretty much useless. The women will save the day, I’m sure of it.

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They would all be dead from asphyxiation, since it’s hard to breathe with your head so far up your ass.

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@filmfann LOL. Or when you’re blowing smoke up your own or someone else’s ass. I hadn’t considered that.

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I suspect they would all die. They’re lawyers, they have no skills.

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LOL. Some do some don’t.
The funny thing about many people who are born into wealth is they are wealth educated but they can’t do mundane things. They never learn to cook or clean well because others do it for them. They have few survival skills.
I have a family member by marriage that is over forty and has children. His mother is over eighty and she still pays his bills. He went to Harvard.
I think he would literally have trouble changing a light bulb.
I am certain Bill,Hillary and others could survive. People like Bush are incapable of doing anything but delegating their work. This is often the mentality of people who are given every advantage from birth.

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Since Bush actually works his ranch, I find your comparison to be nothing more than a cheap political shot. And an uneducated one at that.

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I know more about Bush than you do I have family that actually worked for him. He is a true Elitist.
I will not get involved in name calling.
I will not list the inside information I know to be true. He has No real morality. He supports things that the so called religionists want and laughs at them. It happen in his Whitehorse daily.
There is no point to my documenting things your mind is closed. When people tell the truth you retort to name calling. I am above such stupidity. I am well educated and have better things to do that have personal arguments on here.
I apologize to anyone else this offends.
Happy Holidays to everyone.

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Oh boy, are we on the island too? Lol.

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Sounds like Bush is still creating jobs. Good for him.

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I was certainly no fan of W’s but he could clear some brush.

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LOL some people can not discus things in a mature matter. They have to make everything personal.When they are faced with the facts they behave like children and attack.
I do not wish to attack anyone.I think it’s better if we ignore such irrational people.
I think if I said the Sun is yellow. They would tell me but it is not just yellow. Simply because fighting is their goal.
I wish we could dump most of Congress and all extremist. I wish people could evaluate things on a factual basis.

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They would become a better team serving their country when they come back.

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Maybe you’ve hit on something there, @mattbrowne: We could make it a condition of serving in Congress that the Senators and Representatives have to complete a full-month session of Outward Bound together. (I still remember doing it more than 40 years ago.)

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@CWOTUS Time for a constitutional amendment! Thos who can’t learn to get along on survivor island don’t come back.

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