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Was your biggest Christmas surprise under the tree?

Asked by Sunny2 (18758points) December 24th, 2011

Unexpected things happen at the holiday season. Have you had any surprises happen at this time of the year?

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Yes, I think so- no tree.
I can hope though! I like goodies.

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My biggest surprise came a month ago.

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No surprises so far…I’d be surprised to even see a surprise.

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I saw my cousin and her baby for the first time since April. Weren’t expecting them.

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It was on my doorstep! A bottle of whiskey and a makarov!

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I was moved to write this question as I watched all the soldiers coming home from Iraq and surprising their families by appearing as Santa Claus at their kid’s school or popping out of a big bow-topped box. I don’t recall any particular surprises myself either.
@KateTheGreat What’s a makarov?
@janbb So what was the surprise? I’m holding my breath.

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I got a boyfriend… And I didn’t find him under a tree. :D

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Well, where did you find him? And what was @janbb‘s suprise? This thread makes for nosy jellies.

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I found him in Math class. ;)

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I wish I found a boyfriend in math class. The only boy in my math class is a Polish immigrant and a drag car racer. And an Italian Mafiano.

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Hahaha. That’s funny. :D

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