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What's with Justin Bieber and the talent of today?

Asked by comity (2832points) December 24th, 2011

I saw Justin Bieber on the X Factor and everyone’s screaming like he was so fantastic. He seemed amateurish to me. And, the final three on the X Factor. Did you feel they all had special talent? Give me the singers, the music, and the talent of the good old days. What say you?

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I’m unimpressed with what sounds to me like video game music and auto-tuned vocals. Had I grown up with that kind of sound though and that kind of environment, I might listen to the radio, watch videos and actually pay money to upload some of these “talent” offerings.

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Talent of today? Hahaha. What a joke. I love the music before my time. Gimme some Deon and the Belmonts, Fleetwood Mac, and Led Zeppelin.

The only music I really listen to that comes from my time is the Mountain Goats, Beirut, and Tegan and Sara. They are talented.

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My dad used to say Sinatra was only popular because all of the good singers were off fighting.

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Who says he’s talented?

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I’m not gonna lie…Justin sort of looks like a hot butch dyke.
now to answer your question…
@KateTheGreat brings up a good point. It is hard to see the talent of today because it is all just camp and fluff.
Talent is all a matter of opinion.
What Justin B. does takes an insane amount of talent and strength. It also is a ton of production work. There are many talented people that receive points on the back end of his sales.
The music of today has definitively changed and personally I do not think that it has changed for the better however it’s hard to argue talent.
There are still amazing bands that create amazing music and they struggle to get it out there. You have to dig through the shit to get to the diamonds sometimes. The music industry, just like everything else has been so commercialized that it’s a little tougher to know if the singer and artists are truly doing it because they love it and believe in it or if they are doing it because the folks on the back end are just telling them to do it.
I am not a fan of Justin B. but the dudes got moves and a voice….Someone had to replace M.J. God rest his soul.

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I’m a teen and I hate rap. Pop is okay, but Justin Bieber isn’t. It’s not him. I respect Bieber as a person. It’s just his voice annoys me.
But all music companies do is sell what’s hot. On X-Factor U.S, a perfectly good singer with a great attitude was up for elimination against a kid rapper who wouldn’t sing a survival song because he thought people didn’t want him to be there if he was in the final two and wouldn’t proform for people who “hate” him. Simon was obviously irked by that, but kept him in “based on the market.” Kid was a brat who just spoke to music and he kept him on because he would sell more records than the woman. I found that terrible.
Justin is the stuff that sells. Rappers who do bad things sell. Not talent. Just listen to Taylor Swift. She’s the second highest paid woman in music after Beyonce and she can’t sing. But everyone likes her anyway.

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I remember well when the Beatles started being played in the US, most people said they were totally untalented! Of course, it was not very long before they just about pushed all the other singers off the air on the radio. I have no idea about how much (or little) talent that Bieber has, but frequently new singers find themselves at a disadvantage when they are compared to more established singers or past idols. Bieber has his audience, of course, & it remains to be seen if he can keep them in the future. Only time will tell if he actually is a talented singer.

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As long as America’s youth has parents with $$$ in their pocket. Disney will always produce a super mega pop star child and ride them until they are young adult.

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I don’t know how old you are, but you’re getting old if you make this sort of observation. Every generation’s music is criticized and demeaned by the older generation. So it has been for centuries.

Music and musicians continually evolve. The fact that you notice it (and complain) means that you are of the older generation.

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If you @elbanditoroso think I was complaining, you are mistaken. I enjoy music in most of its forms & I always have. I prefer hard rock & heavy metal, but I listen to a little of everything. I am a senior citizen but that does not keep me from liking good music.

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You’re absolutely right. Modern music (the Bieber) is so much worse than:
Nick Jonas
Zac Efron
Ricky Martin
Aaron Carter
New Kids on the Block
98 Degrees
N’ Sync
Rick Springfield
Donny Osmond
Leif Garrett
Shaun Cassidy
David Cassidy
Bobby Sherman
Davy Jones
Neil Sedaka
Bobby Rydell
Paul Anka
or Frankie Avalon

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@GladysMensch Whew! My memory fails me. I don’t remember some of them, but, I went to high school in Brighton Beach Brooklyn with Neil Sekaka in attendance, and he was singing way back when. Now that you point out the above, some weren’t too great either. Could be there’s something many singers have, other then their singing abilities, that attract the audience of their time, and I’m past the generation that sees it.

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Now, here’s the music and the generation I’m talking about.'s

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Maybe I’m not out of touch. Tony Bennett at 85 years of age is teaching in a high school in New York youngsters how to sing. Maybe the good old days are coming back. And, his music is on the top of the charts. There’s hope!

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@comity If we suggested folks we felt had superior vocal talent, who are a little more contemporary, would you be willing to try them?

I am thinking you are looking for vocal talents, not those we like solely for the music? And I am not suggesting we send you a thousand random links, but if we thought of someone in the next few days with a strong voice, would you give it a try and tell us if we are getting warm or cold to your tastes?

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You’re so awesome for asking this :)
I hate him. He’s not talented.

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@comity I met Tony Bennett in the early 1990’s at a record store. He was a really nice guy and a total class act.

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@GladysMensch Thank you so much for leaving the Monkees out of your list!!

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