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Would you participate in a riot over a pair of shoes?

Asked by saint (3970points) December 27th, 2011
I suppose I can understand food riots in a particular time and place.
But shoes?
Maybe its just me.

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Hell no. I saw there was a scuffle over a $2.00 waffle iron in a store on Black Friday, too. I honestly don’t understand this stuff at all.

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I really doubt it. Without clicking on that link, it already sounds pretty immature to do such a thing.

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I saw where a man got beaten up over a Wii game on Black Friday. An elderly man. Heck no, I’m not going to fight over material things. I might fight over my beliefs though.

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I wouldn’t participate in any riot, let alone one over shoes. Twice is enough for me.

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@chyna An elderly man? WTF is wrong with people. :/

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I can only imagine myself participating in any sort of riot if the cause was very important. Shoes don’t count as important.

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That’s ridiculous. Some people just take any opportunity to initiate violence….mob mentality plays a role too. So unfortunate :/

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Nope, probably not any other kind of riot either.

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Discussion over a pair of shoes? Yes.

Riot? No

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Not over those shoes, anyway.~
In all seriousness, I don’t think that I would never participate in a riot over anything.
But if I did, it would most definitely be over shoes.

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My shoes are pathetic and I seriously need a new pair, but I would never riot over a pair a shoes. I’m just waiting for a pair to show up at Goodwill in my size.

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