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Where to get FREE Criminal Background Checks?

Asked by Northstate (92points) May 18th, 2008

Does anyone out here know where to get free criminal background checks? I see a TON of pay sites – but nothing is ACTUALLY free…You have to sign up for other offers or the like to continue. Any help would be GREATLY appriciated!!! Thanks in advance!

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I vaguely remember free or low-cost background checks being available to non-profits via Boy/Girl Scouts, United Way or something like that. I doubt that’s immediately helpful.

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If the issue is important a free criminal background check might not be very good.

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@Kevbo – Thanks, but I need it for myself. ( Not a non-profit… :-) ) Thanks for the responce though.

@Marina – It’s not too important.

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OK, Northstate, you need it and you need it free. I found one resource that sort of walks you through how to do it yourself and what you can and cannot find out. Hope it helps:

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@Marina – Thanks a bunch!!!

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anything your going to get from a pay site you can get for free by searching a few key spots on the internet. Start with the superior court website for your county and any county the person has claimed to live, you can usually find a record or inmate search, this will pull up every ticket, arrest charge, and any lawsuits.
If you live in Washington you would go to

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If it’s for yourself, you can go to your local police department and get one for around $3.00 (in my state.) If you want a nation wide criminal background check, I think it is a bit more. I had to go get one and take it for a job I was applying for.

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– that is one that gets good reviews. it is not free, however. background checks are never free (think of how easy it would be to snoop in other people’s business)

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