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What's a good baby gift in this situation?

Asked by nikipedia (27475points) January 4th, 2012

I have a coworker who has 3 kids already and 1 more coming any day now. I’m guessing she has most of the stuff she needs since she already has some kids, but I know she does not have much help with childcare and isn’t in the greatest financial position.

What would be a good baby gift in this situation? Has anyone invented a robot nanny we could buy for her?

Also, what’s the etiquette on asking my other coworkers to pitch in for a gift? Tacky?

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Offer to babysit for a night or so. That would have been the best gift ever for me when my kids were young.

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Can you just take up a collection of cash? Write in the card “for babysitting or a maid or some pampering at the spa,” and let her choose what to do with it? If it is a bunch of money from everyone maybe it won’t seem odd that it is cash.

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Consider buying her a week or two of diaper service.

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I just asked my mother about this and she told me it would be great if someone bought her A LOT of diapers? She wouldn’t have to go buy diapers for her newborn for a while? Well, that was her response. If it was me, I would get the newborn baby some new children books. As for the bad financial situation at the moment, I would do as @JLeslie said, a babysitter would really be great.

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Diapers. They are an expensive necessity.

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Diapers! Look on etsy or even amazon and they have really cute diaper cakes. If you’re crafty at all you can make one. That makes the gift if diapers a bit more festive.
Even with a third baby it’s still nice to have a few new outfits and burp cloths.

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Thanks for all the suggestions so far! These are great.

What do you all think about the coworkers issue?

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For my idea perhaps every employee could kick in one night as long as mom feels comfortable.

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You could throw an office baby shower and the co workers could bring what they want.

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@Judi Forgive me for my lack of knowledge about baby stuff but what exactly is a baby shower?

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@tbag A baby shower is a party where everyone buys gifts so the mommy is all set up with everything she needs. Clothing, bottles, bedding, carseats, etc. A bridal shower is when someon is going to be married and friends and family go to a party for the bride and buy her gifts for her honeymoon or new home. Pots, pans, lingerie, towels, etc. So shower basically equals party for a special upcoming bigger event where people shower you with gifts.

@nikipedia I think avoid the shower idea because then people will feel compelled to give gifts, they’ll want to see their gift opened.

Diapers always work. I agree with that. A huge gift bag full of diapers and Desitin and baby shampoo and soap.

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I like the idea of diapers, but I would get various sizes. That way she has some for each stage of the baby’s development.

Could you ask her something like this: “You must be excited about the baby coming soon. Do you have a lot to get ready?” Obviously, use your own words; just something that might generate conversation about what she needs.

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If you want to buy nappies/diapers I would check with her first and see whether she plans to use cloth or disposable nappies.

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Prepare some meals for the family (frozen lasagna, kits to throw in the crock pot, etc.) to help ease the end of pregnancy/beginning baby transition. Hopefully your coworkers will want to participate.

(I’m 9 months pregnant and the only gifts I want are offers to vacuum, walk the dogs and provide meals.)

Aside from that, I like the diaper idea.

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