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Are there any tips you could pass onto me because I will shortly be purchasing a MacBook. Are there any tips or tricks you can teach me?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) May 19th, 2008

Are there any tips you could pass onto me because I will shortly be purchasing a MacBook. Are there any tips or tricks you can teach me?

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Can you be more specific? Do you want tips for what e.g. applications you should get?

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read the manual and learn all of the hotkeys, they’ll save you tons of time, especially in programs.

Best thing to get, actually the first thing you should download and figure out how to use on it is quicksilver, it’s… nothing short of amazing and integrates with your itunes etc. you can even set up bluetooth with it and will send to your phone what song is playing, and even stop it with most phones

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This is from the apple website and it is all the keyboard shortcuts for os x.

This is for creating shortcuts for applications.

Also, in whatever application you are working in, in the dropdown menu there are actions you can click, beside those are the keyboard shortcuts for that application.

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How do I get the manual???

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I hear if you press apple+Q while you’re at you get extra lurve points.

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and what do you mean by apple?

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Apple+W works too.

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Here’s several sites that I’d found to be EXTREMELY useful:

The last is a blog site that posts tons of useful freeware & shareware along with everyday Apple news & tip & tricks. You could easily spend a whole day on there learning new stuff & downloading helpful software.

PS. They say “apple+” and mean the little key right by your spacebar with the picture of an apple on it. It’s what Apple uses in place of Ctrl

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As far as purchasing goes, here is a tip. Find a friend who is a university student and have them buy it for you at the school bookstore. You’ll save $100–200. Hope that helps!

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Use Adium for you IM needs, it doesn’t support the iSight yet, but it is a great program that supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc. Skype is great for webcam chats across platforms.

Quicksilver is a cool tool for launching programs, and helps keep the dock uncluttered.

Handbrake for your, um, DVD backup needs.

Vienna or NetNewsWire for RSS feeds.

Fluid is a cool app for creating Site Specific Browsers, which at first may seem pointless, but it is actually useful.

Oh, buying some sort of case, neoprene or what not, is a good idea. My macbook has gotten plenty scuffed living in my backpack.

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im surprised iwamoto didn’t answer

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If you have a friend with a mac, both of you should log into iChat on your computers and share your screens. Then, ask your friend to spend 5 minutes showing you his or her favorite mac applications and features. It’s amazing how many fun goodies are included on a just-out-of-the-box mac!

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I just recently purchased my macbook and it took me about fifteen minutes and I pretty much had it figured out. OSX is so easy to pick up. Way better than windows! Good choice with a mac. =)

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Thanks Randy and everyone!

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