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Navy relationships?

Asked by ermojoe (17points) January 8th, 2012

Hello guys,
I’m 17 years old & a Senior in high school. My boyfriend & I have been together for 3 years now, and he joined the Navy & is currently in A school right now. He’s only a year older than me..I’m so proud of him, but we are both stressed out about what is going to happen with our relationship. We both want it to work out.. I was going to join the Air Force right after I graduate, but I do want to be with him, and I know joining the Air Force will make it even harder for the both of us; being stationed at different places, not taking leave at the same time. I want to work around our relationship and not join the Air Force anymore. Maybe I can go to college & wait for him. I know you guys might be thinking that I should do what I want to do, but honestly I do want to spend the rest of my life with him. We’ve been together for 3 years. Yes we’re young but & I want to be that military couple that actually lasts.. I know he will be deployed a lot, but I don’t mind waiting. He’s stressing about this situation too, but I told him no matter who he ends up with, it will still be hard.

Any experiences on this?
What do you guys think I should do?
Please & thank you :)

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No one can make this decision but you two. My wife and I were Navy for six years. I missed the birth of my second son when the whole 9/11 thing happened.. but other than that.. it was the greatest six years of our marriage. There is nothing wrong with him being deployed every now and then. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.. provided you’re not so weak that you become unfaithful.

If you were to join the Air Force, however, you’re probably right. You would hardly ever see each other. That would be incredibly difficult to manage.

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I was in the Navy when I met a girl i liked while I was home on leave. The next four years were hard if for no reason other than her being on the other coast. In fact, for a while, we really didn’t even have a relationship because of her school schedule and my deployment schedule.

We got extremely lucky and managed to make it work. Three years after i got out, we got married,, and that was over teen years ago. However, as I said, we got lucky. I saw a lot of marriages fall apart because of the military.

BTW, ignorance is bliss. What happens on WestPac stays on WestPac ;)

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Take the ASVAB and see what specialties you are qualified to do. You might find the Navy would be more suitable for you than the Air Force.

Many areas of specialty are multi-branch so you could end up assigned to the same base even if you are serving in separate branches.

My best friend and her boyfriend are Navy and Army respectively, but both work in the same field of Intelligence and their assignments have been to the same bases for the past 4 years.

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Married folks have more say in where they get stationed and get other allowances that single folks don’t. However, it is easier all around if either you are in the same branch or one of you is a civilian.

The Navy has a lot of technical and intelligence fields, and also has a lot of aviation going on; most of the females I encountered were attached to Air Wing and worked on planes in some way, shape, or form, and quite a few were CTs (Cryptological Technicians). The Air Farce doesn’t really offer anything that the Navy doesn’t. Plus, Navy pilots actually know how to land on a carrier at night; watching the AF guys try was comical!

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@jerv My favorite (insider) military joke: The Marines are crawling through trenches and dodging bullets…“Man, this sucks!”
The Navy is onboard waiting for orders and ready to dive or shoot saying “Man, this sucks!”
The Army is waiting in formation, about to advance into line of fire saying “Man, this sucks!”
The Air Force is waiting in the lounge saying “No cable? Man, this sucks!”

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From experience, do not wait around for no man. Even if you think he’s the one. You can have a relationship regardless of your situation. It might not be easy, but true love conquers all.

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That sounds like pretty hard. Hmm.. It also sounds like that both of you will eventually end up in a long distance relationship. To answer you, yes it is hard. But the thing is, for three years you build a strong foothold in your relationship which is not that easy to break. I’ve been in a long distance relationship before, well, all you have to do is constant communication to keep the love burning and to assure each other that you will be for each other and love each other despite the distance. Let’s just hope he doesn’t easily get tempted to other women. Good luck!

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