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I need to find out about a movie and I need your help. Please?

Asked by ZAGWRITER (1506points) January 11th, 2012

All I know is that the lead character is involved in publishing. It involves train travel, art, mystery and murder. Also, it came out a while ago,at least 20 years. Any ideas? I can’t seem to remember anything else, just that I watched it a lot, and I wanted to again because I’ve been on a nostalgia kick lately. Thank you for your time.

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It came out in the 70’s I think if that helps.

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It really kills me because there was a movie that I’ve been searching for a long time but never found out the title to it :(

Good luck!

Maybe google key parts you remember…. The only film I know about publishing is Citizen Kane lol o_O so that can’t be it :P

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Can you provide some more details about the storyline? Or tell us who was in it?

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Nope @dappled_leaves .Thank you @digitalimpression , but now I’m just really confused, haha. Ahh well. All I remembered was what i had posted above.

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I don’t think so @talljasperman. I’m pretty confused now, so I’m not sure.

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Try to recall if it’s American, British or something else…

Silver Streak? Throw Momma From the Train?

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Murder on the Orient Express? Murder by the Book?

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