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How reliable are used xbox 360 games bought from Amazon?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21461points) January 12th, 2012

I’ve had plenty of luck buying CD’s, DVD’s and the occasional other electronic device from Amazon, but I’ve never bought a video game from Amazon. Today as it is my birthday, my mother bought me an xbox 360. I have no games to play on it, though, and I was thinking of buying a few off Amazon. However, I don’t know the quality of used games, in general, from Amazon.

Can you help a Jelly out?

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I’m not sure of the quality either, and I’m assuming you meant buying second-hand from private sellers as opposed to businesses that use Amazon to sell through… Either way, it might be worth either buying some games direct from Amazon (they’ve always got some sort of sale on) or checking out what’s available on eBay. I’ve bought a few from there and there were never any problems.

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I’m not very sure that the games and stuff you bought off of are that reliable. I doubt that you got them from a reliable source. You shouldn’t buy stuff from them anyway. I would suggest that you stop buying stuff from them. eBay is an equally unreliable source, but when it comes down to who to buy from, I would rather buy from eBay

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When I was a console gamer, I bought a few games from amazon and ebay. I never had any problems. It really depends who on amazon and ebay is selling you the game. I’d look closely at the ratings of the seller and descriptions of the game. I would rather get my games from amazon and ebay from reputable sellers than lamestop.

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I only buy games from ebay & Amazon & have never had a problem with any gaming purchases.

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i have no problem. just make sure the condition says used – like new, or used – good…

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