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Is it just me or has response time on Fluther pages slowed in the last day or so?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) May 20th, 2008

I guess it could be a byproduct of success, but my response time when I am typing an answer before it shows in preview, when I click an action before the page refreshes, etc. seems to have slowed dramatically.

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YES. I thought it was the fact that I had to turn my Macbook Pro into the IT guys for some installations and had to fluther on my PC.

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I noticed it too, but I just thought it was because of heavy user activity.

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Same thing here on a new computer with a good amount of RAM. This will probably take 20 seconds for my message to show up.

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Bear with us, everyone… we’re planning on upgrading our servers in the next few weeks, which will massively change the amount of traffic we can handle (we’re indeed running in the red).

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Thanks Ben. And no problem. I am a very patient person!

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I am still content to blame the PC over mac thing

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@ben No problem. I’d much rather fluther slowly than be on some other speedy site.

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I’ve noticed it also.

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I’ve noticed it too, but so far I’m just using it to excuse spending excessive amount of time on the site :)

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I’ve noticed it too but it hasn’t bothered me. =]

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