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Which web community do you think is the worst?

Asked by BandanaMike (174points) January 15th, 2012

Which web community is the worst and why do you feel that way?

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The Sodahead “community”. It is a festering cesspool of hate. It makes 4chan’s /b/ look moderate by comparison.

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“Herp derp Opeth! Rage comics! Forever alone!”.

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I have no idea.

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It all depends on what you mean by “worst.”

Sites like SodaHead and Reddit have very little censorship (which is a good thing, IMO), but that means that there’s a lot of mean, nasty, hurtful content there.

If you want to be insulated from having your feelings hurt (but sometimes have your comments moderated [that you think are helpful and on topic] because sometimes a moderator comes along and interprets the rules a little too strictly), then there are sites like Fluther and BlurTit.

Both styles are useful and fun and contribute a lot to the web community in their own way.

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Its loaded with viruses, especially the games.

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Where to begin? Too many to choose just one.

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The only ones I have experience with are yahoo answers and askville, both of which would not affect my life if they disappeared.
I love fluther

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Youtube has the most inane comments.

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Thank you for your answers. I’m learning where not to go, which is always helpful. I’ve never been to any of these sites you mention. Saves me a trip.

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Agree with all of the above. Stormfront’s the one that freaks me out the most, though.

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I’m with @john65pennington. Facebook is the worst.

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@HungryGuy BlurTit. Last I checked, that place was a ghost town.

Worse…The GameFAQ’s social message boards are really up there when it comes to a storm of brain deficiency. If people aren’t constantly flaming each other, they post the most completely useless things ever. Plus every three board has some douchebag who thinks he’s a vampire. Those people usually do a better job of it than anyone in the OVC though…lol.

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@Symbeline – Ah. I haven’t been to BlurTit in a while. I joined after the Answerbag debacle when everyone was scrambling to find a new home. I hung around between there and Fluther, but slowly stopped using it because it was mostly populated by pre-teen girls and every other question was about Justin Whatshisname…

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I have a very low tolerance for stupidity, so I don’t stay places that would get my “worst” title long enough to remember their names. Or maybe MySpace. But you knew that. Facebook is awfully boring, too. I hardly ever go there—only when people tell me I have to for one reason or another.

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Check out this gem I found on Sodahead. The question was “It’s MLK day, is the issue of equality behind us?

“No because now blacks are the racists and they get all the benefits in life!!”

This is the top rated answer…......

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@Blackberry , HOLY CRAP! I think I will become a monk. (can girls do that?)

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@Judi Unfortunately not, which is pretty messed up. They can attain high positions in certain communities, but none of which are seen as higher than a monk.

But, you can always become an assassin!

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@Blackberry , It’s decided then. I will start training for my new career immediately.

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