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Where do you stand on abortion?

Asked by Prettyjay28 (65points) January 16th, 2012 from iPhone

For or against

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This is a tough issue for me… I guess fine before it takes on any shape that is undeniably human in form or if it threatens the mother’s life… But then again I do know several couples that can’t have a child of their own who are more than willing to adopt…

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I could never have one myself, but I would never try to tell another woman what to do with her own body.

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While it is inside the woman it is none of my business.

I actually imagine if humans have souls, they don’t really form until the child is out of the womb for a few months.

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I don’t think anyone is actually for abortion. Perhaps there are a few misanthropic people out there who think we should all be euthanized for our own good; but in general, at least, what pro-choice advocates are for is a state in which abortion is safe and legal. That’s certainly my position on the issue.

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I don’t think its really a for or against issue. That is why it is a difficult one. I would never have an abortion unless it was a matter of it being a life threatening issue for me.
However, I like to think I’m on the side of the baby. If someone wants to have an abortion because they are going to make a lousy parent or because of some illness, or rape or something of that nature than I would have to side on the babies side. What I mean is that the mother to be should be allowed to have an abortion. Not so much for her but rather because I at least think it will be kinder to the child in the long run. Its better it doesn’t live because its not wanted or wouldn’t be cared for, than have a long miserable life. All children should feel loved and wanted and treated well.
Now if the mother to be is using this as a always a birth control option than I will say it should not be allowed.
My sister in law had 2 abortions in 3 years time. She would’ve aborted my nephew if they didn’t tell her it was risky to do so. That is just being careless and abortion in my opinion shouldn’t be thought of as simple as stepping on a bug.
Funny how some people could never kill a small defenseless creature and yet some of these same people don’t give a second thought to creating a life and then snuffing it out.

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I support legalized abortion. My religious beliefs require abortion under certain conditions (such as if I am likely to die if I carry until term), so it would be a violation of my First Amendment rights to prohibit me from getting one in such a case.

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Against, except in cases of life-threatening emergencies. I figure that a human is a human, regardless of the stage of development, and deserves all the rights and protections of one. Life-threatening emergencies can be fatal for some or all parties, hence the exception.

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I believe in legalized abortion. That said, it should not be used as birth control. It is a personal decision.

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I’m for it!
Wait, what? No one is really for abortion. I am definitely pro-choice. I can’t imagine choosing that for myself, but, I absolutely believe that a woman should have the right to choose.

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I do not believe anybody is Pro Abortion. Unwanted pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, pregnancies due to rape or incest, pregnancies where the fetus is horribly deformed all are tragedies. But there is nothing more personal and up to the individual than when to carry a baby to term. No government agency should be in the business of invading every woman’s womb and telling here what she can and cannot do with a fetus. Now when the fetus becomes a baby, developed enough to survive outside the womb, I think abortion should be illegal except in cases where it is the only way to save the mother’s life.

If the government wants to reduce the number of abortions, which it should want to do, then do it by funding effective sex education for young people. Explain to them the lifelong consequences of unwanted pregnancy and of having children when you haven’t yet gotten your own life together to the point you can properly care for them. Explain that there is no form of birth control that is 100% effective except not having intercourse. Explain to young boys the horror of rape, and the agonizing decision it leaves the victim facing should she become pregnant. Put money into finding ways to reduce the rape rate, and to keep repeat offenders behind bars for life. Fund medical research to find ways of preventing debilitating deformities before they ever happen. None of us like abortion, and these are ways we could make it necessary far less often.

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Politically Pro-Choice. Personally Pro-Life.

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I believe that the answer is very personal. I’m am glad I never had to make that choice, but I leave it to the people involved to choose.

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I hate it. I think it’s a terrible tragedy, but I would never push my feelings about it on someone else. I know it is a difficult and excruciating decision. The last thing someone who makes that decision needs is my judgement.

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Pro-choice, and I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong with getting an abortion. But that doesn’t mean I would ever encourage a woman to get an abortion, I’d encourage her to do whatever she felt was right for her, be that abortion, adoption, or keeping it.

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I think it should be considered a medical procedure which a woman can choose, with no interference from religious wackos or legislators.

There are some people who feel strongly that foetuses should be treated as humans and protected from abortions, and I think these people should be allowed to create local communities where abortion isn’t available… but they already have that, effectively. I do not think those people should be able to prevent abortion by other people in other communities who don’t share their religious / moral beliefs.

I don’t think it should be a Federal issue in the USA.

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@ETpro @ANef_is_Enuf Alas, I have had the misfortune to have met people who could easily be said to be ‘for abortion.’

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@Nullo I guess one should never say “everybody” or “nobody” when talking about human opinions, beliefs and behaviors. Perhaps soe doctors who earn the bulk of their living providing abortions are fans of the process. Certainly some militant feminists are forceful in their defense of the right to legal, safe abortions. They do not want to return to the days of rusty coathangers and back-alley “clinics”. But by and main, I do not think many pro choice progressives like the idea of aborting a growing baby. They just understand that sometimes conditions make it the best of a series of lousy options.

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@ETpro Alas, I cannot share your optimism; I fear that casual aborters are more common than you think, though perhaps not as common as I think. Certainly, there are plenty of people trying to make abortions available to all and sundry (including minors, without consulting with parents!).

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@Nullo I do know they happen. That’s what a good educationsl effort could target.

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I am not “for” abortion, but I believe that any woman should be able to easily access abortion services at her own discretion.

We should do as much as possible to minimise the number of abortions without infringing upon a woman’s right to control her reproductive destiny. To me that means providing a mandatory and comprehensive sex education program in all schools, and also enabling access to cheap or free contraceptives. Counselling services should be free and readily available for women who are pregnant and unsure what they want to do, and there should be more help available for financially vulnerable women and young women who choose to continue their pregnancies and keep the eventual baby.

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You know they say every fetus has the potential to be the next Einstein and has to be preserved.
I say every fetus has the potential to be the next Hitler and must therefore be destroyed.

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It should be up to the discretion of the pregnant woman.

And I agree that it should not be used as birth control but for those who would use it as such, it is probably the best thing to do. Anyone who is irresponsible and callous enough to use it as birth control definitely should not have a child. Therefore it should be legally available to anyone who wants one.

I am so lucky that I never had to make the choice, because as much as I am pro choice and devoid of maternal feelings (unless it is a small furry four legged creature) it would be a hell of a decision to have to make.

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My opinion- If the woman is a victim of rape/incest, if the child is severely disabled, or the mother’s life is threatened, go ahead. If it is because the couple were too lazy to use contraception, then I am against it. As I said, that is my personal opinion. Ultimately it is individual choice.

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Wow, this is, without a doubt, the most rational discussion I have seen on this topic on Fluther. Good for you, Jellies!
As to the Q: I am pro-choice. Like so many others here I am not “pro-abortion” as such, but I firmly believe that no one should be required, against their will, to carry a pregnancy to term.

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I hate having to press ctrl+alt+delete when a program freezes. I am against freezing programs. :P

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I’m pro choice, because all situations are different and I think it’s up to the parties involved to decide. I sure as hell shouldn’t be telling someone else what they should do. I also have a magnificent soon to be 12 month old nephew. His mom had the appointment for the procedure scheduled, but she changed her mind at the last minute. Best decision ever.

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Definitely for the individual to decide. Don’t think it would do anyone good, in the long run, if you commit to a life-long ’‘parent role’’ without really being convinced that this is what you want.

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Pro-choice which is different from being “for” abortion.

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My personal goal is zero abortions worldwide as a result of zero unwanted pregnancies. Couples have to think about the consequences before having sex. Casual sex without clarity about contraception is irresponsible.

Good sex education will lead to good birth control measures. We also need to fight religious dogmas that tell people not to use contraception.

I am against punishing women or doctors for having an abortion. Free societies can’t force women to have a baby against her will. The goal should be it never comes to that. But if it does, women need all the help and support of society including good counseling.

So, I am against abortion and pro-choice.

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