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What is up with this warning?

Asked by AshLeigh (16325points) January 17th, 2012

“Fluther will be down in 7 hours, 14 minutes. There are better ways to prevent piracy than SOPA/PIPA.”
So… Anyone care to explain what’s going on? :/

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How long will Fluther be down for this event?

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:( Really?

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I believe google is going down too. It is a sort of blackout to alert us what will happen if the proposed legislation happens. Hopefully the blackout page will provide links to contact your representatives to ensure it doesn’t pass.

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Google has already gone down. So has Wikipedia.

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I would imagine it’s only going to last 24 hours.

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I’m gonna cry if Fluther goes down. O___O

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when it goes down :)

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Google just covered their name. You can still search.

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Oh. Well, it’s not midnight yet in Google’s home time zone either.

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Well, in six hours and 42 minutes I’m gonna cry. O.o

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It’s going down for the 18th, so I guess the blackout is 24 hours.

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This is another one where I patiently wait for the conservatives to tell me why an expansion of federal regulation is necessary, Mostly it will be about rich people telling Rush and Shawn Hannity to tell them how to think.

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I am very curious why it’s going down at 5am Pacific, rather than 12am.

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@FutureMemory It’s to coincide with Reddit’s blackout. They started the movement, I believe.

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Google and Wikipedia are still accessible during this time, Wikipedia is just making it more difficult because you either disable the Javascript on your internet or look things up in languages other than English both of which aren’t blocked by the blackout.

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Well damn, I’ll miss my morning coffee and sunrise fluthering, but, it’s for a noble cause. :-/

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“Well, all I can say is, fuck Obama. Everything’s his fault, even if it really isn’t. Lol.” -Paige. Haha.

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3:40 am and I’m tapping on Chris Van Hollen’s window! Lol!!! : )

I’m gonna knock on your door, ring on your bell
Tap on your window too
If you don’t come out tonight, while the moon is bright
Im gonna knock and ring and tap until you do!

I’m gonna knock on your door, call out your name
Wake up the town, you see
I’m gonna hoot and howl like a lovesick owl
Til you drop this dumb internet bill in the sea!

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It’s been a pleasure swimming with you all. Hope to see everyone on the other side of THE BLACKOUT.

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@SavoirFaire Same from me… see you all after the blackout… I wonder what kind of internet withdrawal people will have.

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You know, the mobile site still works.

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@bob_: I know. I’ve been lurking around all day on my iPhone feeling like I stumbled into someone’s house while they’re away at work.

PS: Update from MacWorld

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It doesn’t work on the iPad though.

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Hey. Apparently Fluther is back up.

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Yes, apparently.
For the moment anyway.

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It’s back. :D

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That is just a taste of what the future could look like if these bills pass. Take this for example. If Victory Records had any clout they could request Fluther lose their DNS entry since they link to copyrighted material. Or even easier.. Being a result on Google and being paid from the ads on the site.

Here is a easily digested video on the subject. Today was symbolic, the fight must go on with contacting your reps and by voting. They want you to get lazy and forget.

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