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Which is more exciting: college or pro football?

Asked by Charles (4804points) January 19th, 2012

Pro players are bigger and better but it can be analogous to IBM vs Xerox.
College has lots of traditions and characters and rivalries.
Pro seems a little more balanced (there aren’t too many 63 to 3 scores in pro)
College has passionate alumni but pro has passionate citizens of that city.

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College football seemed more lively the times I watched it.

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I prefer pro football. My husband really likes and follows college football.

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College football, and to me it isn’t even close.

The only downside is the lack of a playoff system.

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I prefer college football to the pros, as it just seems faster and less predictable.

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College <any sport> is better than pro <any sport>. With the one exception of baseball.

My guess is that college kids are far more into the ‘game’ and not the money. They want to win because they have competitiveness in the gut, and the will to push and succeed. Pro players are rich and jaded and are playing their sport for a salary, not for love.

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If football involves boredom or paint drying or taking out the garbagbe, I’d take any of those three over any kind of football.

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