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How do I know if my children have worms?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) January 21st, 2012

What signs should I look for to determine if my children have worms? Do you have any good remedies/products to eliminate them? I heard that worms can also be located in the brain is that true? My Children are under 3 years old.

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If you think your children have worms, you need to take them to a doctor.

And, no, there’s zero chance of worms getting into someone’s brain. That’s an old urban legend.

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What makes you think they have worms, @livingchoice? Are their bottoms itching right at the anus?

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They grind their teeth at night and have distended bellies. Someone told me these were telltale signs of worms.

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Ah, you need to get them to a doctor and a dentist…

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@livingchoice, sorry. The first thing I thought of were pinworms. If your your children have intestinal worms; they’d be listless, not feel good and not have an appetite. It is very serious. Take them to a physician.

I bet your friend is thinking of neurocysticercosis which is a form of pork tapeworm. It is very serious. Please, if you are concerned, see a medical professional. If they are under three, you are most likely taking them to a pediatrician on a pretty regular basis anyway. Right?

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Yes they do have regular check ups. But I do remember mentioning the size of their bellies to their doctor and he just said that it’s part of them growing up and that it will go away. This was about 8 month ago. However their bellies are still a bit big, to me, anyway. I’m glad I asked.

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I love little babies pot bellies. Were you babies preemies by chance? I’ve read that premature babies bellies look extremely distended.

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No. Though my first son was only 5.8 oz when he was born and the other was 8 pounds.

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If they are eating, drinking, pooping and growing; I bet they are okay. I’m glad you had enough concern to ask. Just ask a real doctor now, not someone who plays one on the Internet. LOL

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I have a toddler myself. You can ALWAYS look at them and be convinced that they have some sort of terrible disease if you are in the wrong frame of mind. I think you’d notice a lot more wrong with them if they had intestinal worms.

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If they have pinworms, the worms would probably show up in their feces or around their anus.

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I remember my Aunt waiting for her child to go to sleep so she could
check her for worms. You have to wait until night and the child is still
and asleep. She got a piece of tape and put on her child’s anus and left
if for a few minutes. When she came back for the tape there were very
small white worms on it. She knew then that her child did indeed have

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