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Is there a type of person that intimidates you?

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) January 24th, 2012

I like to think of myself as not being easily intimidated; I am not intimidated by most men, or by doctors, Phd’s, or most other job titles, etc. But for some reason my lawyer really intimidates me. I have no idea why, he is younger than I am, weighs a buck fifty soaking wet, is an arrogant jerk (exactly the kind of lawyer I wanted representing me), and has never been anything but professionally polite to me, but for some reason he intimidates the heck out of me.

Is there a specific type of person you find intimidating? Are there those who intimidate you for reasons you can’t quite put your finger on?

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Tall people.

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I am tall I sincerely hope I do not intimate anyone. Lightlysearedd…...why?

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I have always said that the country is run by lawyers and doctors. Some are okay, but the vast majority have attitudes. Intimidation? Maybe, know it all? Yes.

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I can’t think of anyone (at the top of my head).

Let me think some more on that.

I don’t do well with authori-tay, though. I am a rebellious one.

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Police usually intimidate me. I don’t know why, but every time I see a cop, I feel like I’ve done something wrong and I get all nervous, lol. I’m not easily intimidated either, but I just never feel like I’m holding my own around when I’m face to face with a cop, no matter how nice they are. =0)

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There is an aura about some people that intimidates me and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s like they can see through the BS and right through my public facade. Occupation has nothing to do with it. I had a hair dresser once who I was terrified of forgetting appointments with. I have a yoga instructor now that I really feel like I don’t want to disappoint for fear of losing face. I have had friends like this throughout my life from all different walks of life.
Instead of giving in to the intimidation, I take advantage of the opportunity to practice accountability. I have a tendency to be a bit flake and these are people I would be horrified to flake out on. I really don’t know what’s different about them, but they help me in the long run.

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I wouldn’t say intimidated, I am a diplomatic but outspoken, no nonsense type of woman, but…I cannot STAND manipulative people and passive aggressive BS. I so do not roll that way, if I catch even a glimpse of these games with others anymore I drop ‘em like a hot potato, no point in confronting bullshitters, all you will get is more bullshit. lol

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Gorgeous women

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I’m told that some people find me intimidating. I don’t mean it and I don’t think of myself as intimidating. Apparently I have the facial expressions that are partly to blame.

But even one or two people on fluther have told me I am intimidating. They said they didn’t think I would think they were smart enough. I can only speculate on where that comes from. I’m guessing they think I wouldn’t bother talking to someone as smart as they think they are.

It is true that there are people I might not choose to spend time with, but I get to decide who they are. If you’re trying to read my mind, you’re probably reading in the wrong language and are misunderstanding most of what you read. Talk to me.

I find loud and violent people intimidating. Sometimes fast-talking people are intimidating, but only if they seem to know significantly more than I do about some particular subject.

I am not too intimidated by knowledge, though, because I believe I can learn. I believe I can ask questions and get up to speed quickly. I’m not going to try to bluff my way through something. I’ll get an education first, and then I’ll be on more stable ground when trying to argue with you.

Guns intimidate me, too. Also other weapons. If you have a weapon, I’m going to give you what you want if I think it’ll let me escape without injury.

And I do think @Facade has a point. Gorgeous women can be scary, although less so if I don’t need to make an impression on them. It’s been a few years since anyone tied my tongue though, just because I couldn’t keep my eyes off them.

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Beautiful women, educated people.

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@john65pennington To be honset I have no idea. I mean I’m pretty tall myself but there we go…

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Right wing extremists. The kind with skin heads.
And pigs police.

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@Facade: So you intimidate yourself?

I find myself initially intimidated by other people in my profession (graphic design) who seem to me to be more accomplished or developed than I think I am.

I am often wrong about this. Once I get to know them, I realize we are far more similar. But I can’t get past that initial intimidation.

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I am intimidated by exceptional brilliance, the kind that leaps ahead skipping all the steps of deduction and reasoning. I am delighted to be in the presence of such persons, but I always feel inadequate. Good thing I can cook.

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Deaf people.

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I used to be intimidated by a lot of people until I learned that most people don’t have backbones and will back down if you challenge them back. Now I’m intimidated by no one.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard too bad this is in General, I’d tell you that you are my new hero. Mod me now.

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Yes….extremely social people. The type who always have 20 friends over, like acid, party every night, etc. I cannot keep up with them. And yes I’m being serious. I don’t dislike these types of people, but I find myself not feeling “cool” enough for them, and thus being intimidated. It is weird, kinda unpleasant. A lot of my boyfriends friends from college were like this (he wasn’t) and it was a constant struggle for me.

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Angry beavers!

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Type A people. They always seem too loud, too sure about themselves, and not very empathetic towards other people.

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A person who looks like they are about to attack me.

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Loud, physically boorish people who use a veneer of humor over a core of aggressiveness, arrogance and belittlement.

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Prohibitionists and puppeteers.

fuck puppets

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Giants with chainsaws kinda intimidate me…

I do get nervous around police officers, not entirely sure why I dun got bodies under the floorboards but said nervous streak isn’t what I would call intimidation. There isn’t a specific type of person or personality type that intimidates me. I get intimidated when someone is getting personal and wanting to scare me. It can work and sometimes it doesn’t, but I find that the type of person or their personality really has no play in the fear they inject in me, or if it does, it’s secondary.

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Not really. Most people think they’re intimidating, which makes them less intimidating.

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Aggressive people. My brother-in-law was really aggressive and horrible and I had no choice but to be around him and I found him very intimidating. He gave me the willies. Not sure he would now. I was a lot younger then. Now I am much more confident and I would probably tell him what I thought of him.

Really, really intelligent people. In the latter category it is definitely a me thing, not them. I guess it would be more ‘star-struck’ than intimidated.

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The people at shoe stores that want to put shoes on for you. I don’t want strangers handling my feet. It’s weird and I don’t like it.

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A nephew intimidates me. He’s aggressively angry every time I see him. Certain types of women intimidate me, they project such an aura of aggressiveness that I feel extremely uncomfortable talking in their sphere. Actually anyone projecting their aggressiveness around me makes me very uncomfortable.

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People that I want to think well of me. My boss, for instance. Offer only good while patience lasts. All bets are off if I get angry enough So… myself?

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@6rant6 Little ol’ me?? I’m totally harmless, honest…

There’s a woman at work with torpedoes on her chest, she walks around with them thrust out and her chin up, usually has a smirk, or looks down at people with an expression of pure disgust and condescension. She talks to certain people in a syrupy sweet tone but talks to others like they’re loogies on the bottom of her shoe. She doesn’t say what she means but says many things in a sarcastic, questioning way. If I never had to spend another minute with her, I would be thrilled.

It didn’t bother me none when a developmentally disabled student tried to go after those torpedoes with his teeth.

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Yes, the kind of people that have the potential and drive to cause me a great deal of trouble (I’m dealing with this right now at my workplace). I’m not so sure that I would use the term intimidate as much as I would use the term dread.

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“Giants with chainsaws kinda intimidate me…”

I love you!

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I could be such an over the top egoistic guy sometimes that I find it hard to think of anybody who intimidates me. And sometimes it may not be my ego but my ever expanding natural warmth to any manner or kind of human being out there that I meet that eliminates a chance for me to be intimidated.

However, I was indeed greatly intimidated by the guy whom my gf dumped me for, some 15 years ago. He was better looking, an engineer and wealthy.

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The little piggies that huff and puff and try to blow my house of peace down.

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A neo-Nazi.

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@mattbrowne You don’t find them funny?

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