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What period is this dress styled after?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) January 28th, 2012

So I found this gorgeous evening gown ( and it looks like a vintage/retro style to me, but I don’t know what period of time it resembles. . . Can you think of what it might be? Or maybe I’m just imaging it. . .

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It has hints of classic Hollywood, but the rouching is now. I believe the sleeveless is also a new trend. Very nice.

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it’s a late 1940’s glamour gown. love it

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I would say 1930s/1940s. Do a Google image search for 1930s or 1940s evening gowns.

Similar 1930s dress

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Gorgeous gown. Very much like the 1940’s and 1950’s glamour gowns. A search on 1930’s fashion turned up this information about bias-cut evening wear. So the concept of the sweeping form-fitting gown really took hold in the late 1920’s, early 30’s, and took a hiatus during the lean years, and really surged back in the late 40’s and early 50’s when everyone was recovering from the privations of war.

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It’s 1930’s and classic gorgeous! It will never go out of style. I’m having fun imagining the possible colors. They didn’t have the dye possibilities in the 30’s that they have now.

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I’m getting 30s-40s too. Love it.

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