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For those of you who are not watching the SuperBowl, what are your plans?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21413points) January 28th, 2012

As is to be expected, most of my friends here in the US are going to be watching the SuperBowl next Sunday. I have never been a fan of football and I never watch the SuperBowl. My neighbor across the hall is a very loud sports fan so I’m sure I’ll hear her way into the night screaming and yelling at her television. What I would like to do is have a ZombieBowl party where I invite the few friends who don’t feel the need to watch the game over and we watch zombie movies and yell at the TV much like we would if we were watching the game.

So, Jellies, if you’re not watching the game, what do you plan on doing?

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I have never seen the SuperBowl. I think it would be fun but it’s a bit too far to travel. Just to experience the atmosphere and the ‘Americanness’ (I know I made that word up) of it…if that makes sense. Some of the ads are often shown just as examples of what advertisers are up to (not to really advertise products).

So… I don’t know what I will be going but I hope you all have fun, watching or not.

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We’re watching puppybowl on Animal Planet.

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I have no interest in footbowl, so I won’t be watching. I’ll probably be here on Fluther :-)

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I will be researching metals and alloys on the internet, as long as the speed is still fast enough for use while listening to the news on radio or television.

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I have watched the Puppybowl before.

I hate the SuperBowl. even half time and commercials.

I imagine I will read and make my nephew cowboy beans so he can enjoy the day.

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Having dinner with friends who are returning from abroad.

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We have been invited to a Superbowl party and we have accepted. Too bad I really don’t want to watch the game. I’d rather be doing just about anything else. Either way my team loses as I hate Boston and I hate New York. I guess, I win in that one of those cities has to lose too.

Great things to do on Superbowl Sunday: Golf (if you play), the beach, visit a Home Depot (should be empty).

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I am going to church. Then I’ll probably read a book, and be on Fluther.

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School work. Maybe a nap.

Twitter+YouTube will make sure I see any good commercials. Or, you know, horrifyingly appalling commercials…

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work, listen to music, watch TWiT, play games, eat, sleep.

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As it will be night here in the UK I will be asleep. It is being shown live on TV here though.

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I ‘m watching the Puppybowl which is full of cuteness , then I’m going to sleep.

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Puppybowl for me, and maybe out in the world enjoying the quiet….
And how funny that so many things got moderated on this question!

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I’ll be sitting home, not watching television at all, alone.

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Work, typing out a new To-Do agenda for 2012,,, fluthering.

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