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How do I find the IP address of my computer (Win 7 laptop)?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) January 30th, 2012

On my home (wireless) network, I’d like to find the IP address assigned to my Windows 7 laptop.

On my old Win XP Pro laptop, it was easy. I would go to Start / Run… and then enter “cmd” to get a “DOS window”. Then the command ipconfig would give me the IP address. But I can’t find how to do this in Win 7. Can you help?


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Go to control center (view by category).
Under Network Settings choose ‘View Network Status and tasks’
Choose ‘See full map’ and hover mouse over your computer, or
choose ‘Change Adapter Settings’

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@whitenoise I have Win7 and I tried following your instructions but you lost me at the first step. I do not have an option in “Control Panel” called “Network Settings”.
View Full Map is in the top-right corner of “Network and Sharing Center”, much easier to find.

However note that this shows only what your local IP address of your particular computer within the network is. It won’t show you what IP address the rest of the world sees for you. For that you can visit this website

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@downtide Network Settings takes you to the network and sharing center. As will clicking on its symbol in the bottom of your screen. That symbol however isn’t always there.

To be able to choose ‘View Network Status and tasks’ Under Network Settings, you need to have your control panel’s view set to “view by category”.

Anyways, the question seemed to have been focussed on the computer’s IP address, not the router or gateway’s access. That information can indeed be found through, for instance, your website address.

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1) go to this site: It will show you the IP address that the world sees you using. If you are using a router, this is likely the router’s IP address and the router is doing NAT (Name Address Translation) to your laptop.

2) You can go into CMD and type ipconfig/all. This will list all your network devices on your lpatop. You need to scroll through and find the one that refers to your wireless connection. It will show you the IP address assigned by the router.

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It’s exactly the same as in any other windows OS, and it is ipconfig in command prompt, it’s across from default gateway.

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you can type cmd in the search bar in the start menu, right next to the shutdown button-´.

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type in “cmd”
Then when you get the dos window type “ipconfig”

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@2davidc8 You have to right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator – you should be able to use ipconfig then.

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
(Don’t make it easy in 7, do they?)

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@dappled_leaves You just type cmd into the search bar after you hit start and press enter. IT couldn’t be easier.

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Then perhaps you can explain why it didn’t work when the OP tried it. As he said in the details of the question. I can only assume he was not logged in as the administrator.

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@dappled_leaves That is the only explanation.

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Then it’s less easy in 7 than it was in XP. QED.

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or maybe he did not know he could just simply enter it in the search bar.

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Thank you, everybody, for your helpful answers. What threw me off was the fact the input box under the Start button in Win 7 now reads, “Search programs and files”. There is no “Run…” option. I wasn’t searching for a program, I already knew the name of the program I wanted to run. When I tried what @ragingloli and @Rarebear suggested, it worked! It worked just like in XP. Thank you very much!!

Thank you also to my other jelly repliers, @dappled_leaves @downtide @whitenoise @elbanditoroso and @XOIIO you provided alternate ways and additional network information that may be useful in the future. I’ll look into them.

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Open your Mozilla Firefox or internet explorer or Google then type in whatismyip and hit enter and it will give you your IP address

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@allfactshere Strange thing is, when I use whatismyip, I get a different IP address than when I use ipconfig as described by the other folks above.

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@2davidc8 The default gateway is for your router to connect to, the IP is a few numbers different and is across freom IPV4 address.

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ipconfig shows the IP-address that your PC uses on the local network to communicate with machines on that network.
whatismyip gives you the IP address that your modem uses to communicate with the internet.

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@ragingloli ipcnfig actually shows both like I said, the IPV4 address is the internet protocol one.

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Ipconfig does not show the internet IP. It only shows the local network addresses of your PC’s network cards.
The default gateway address is the local network address that the router uses to communicate with your PC.

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Well, the ipconfig command has all the info I’ve needed for setting up a server and having people connect.

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