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How to maximize file server redundancy?

Asked by 1hour (1points) June 27th, 2007

client looking to maximize uptime fo windows server 2003 with exchange and blackberry service

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Not to be a stick in the mud, but that's what IT consulting companies do...

Questions to ask yourself:

What level of uptime are they looking for? 99.9% is easy, 99.99% is a lot harder.

How much money are they willing to invest in their uptime... conversly, how much will they lose by not being up?

How redundant are their end nodes? E.g., does each employee carry two blackberries in case one breaks? Multiple internet connections for the corp. office?

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they actually got hit with an electrical problem (down for days) and the server down, and of course multiple internet downtimes - 1 ISP only; all this year.
multiple berries seems like an overkill, just like the GENERATOR they are proposing to combat future electrical outages.

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Heh. Yeah, they should look at doing managed hosting in a data center (or two, geographically isolated), and some sort of redudant internet connection (Linksys makes a really sweet CDMA router that could be used as a backup)

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