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What is the best way to secure fabric to a cork board?

Asked by jca (36054points) February 8th, 2012

I have a bulletin board where the cork is a little shabby looking. Being crafty and thrifty (plus having screws = holes in the wall where this one has the hangers located) I want to cover the cork with either paint or fabric. I have some nice fabric that replicates the tan look of the bulletin board cork. I was thinking of putting quilt batting under the fabric, so it looks kind of quilted. I might put a ribbon or something around the edge of the fabric so it does not look raggedy.

What is the best glue or way to fasten the fabric to the outside edges of the cork?

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Use all-purpose glue like Elmer’s.

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I’d go with hot glue. It’ll stick very well to both the cork and the fabric, without getting drawn into the fibers by capillary action, as a liquid glue would. It sets quickly, too, which would allow you to proceed by small sections at a time and get some tension in the fabric.

Alternatively, you could use a good spray adhesive, like 3M Super 77 (Home Depot has it) and bond the fabric over the whole surface of the board.

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I would take the batting and use mod-podge or thinly-brushed-on Elmers between the batting and the cork because it goes on really thin, does the adhesive work, and at the same time, still can be punctured by a thumbtack. Ribbons or dried up runs of Elmers would not be easy to puncture. Once the batting is in place, I’d put the fabric on, stapling it into place, putting the staples on the edges of the wrong side, starting at the top, then bottom, then sides.

If I could find the right size, I’d paint a frame and put the corkboard inside the frame.

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push pins.

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There’s also Iron-on fusing web (sold at fabric stores) that you could put between the fabric and the cork and iron to bond.

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If you are just adhering the fabric to the edges of the cork board, you could hot glue velcro to the cork edges and either hot glue or sew (or by the stick’em kind of velcro) to the fabric. That way you could take it off later if you wanted to.

The other idea is that if you wanted to stick the fabric directly to the front face of the cork board, you could use spray mount.

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I would use… a staple gun! This should make it easier to tense the fabric, as opposed to glue.

(Tools: a proper bloke’s answer)

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Hot glue if you’ve got it, or staples, if they hold. Wrap the fabric to the back side if you can, you can always put a smaller piece over the entire back to cover the fold-over. If you criss-cross ribbon on it, you’ll have made a French memo board. Can we see pics?

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I would go either with hot glue or Tacky Glue.

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