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Is it ok to wear green eyeshadow if you have blue eyes?

Asked by MissRosie81 (251points) February 10th, 2012

Do you think green eyeshadow would clash with blue eyes? I don’t mean really heavy / crazy green, just like a soft spring-green.
Just wanted to know if there were any ‘rules’ about this type of thing, as I’m not used to experimenting with a lot of colour :)
thank you!

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It’s ok if you like it. There are no laws about it.

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I don’t think there are any “rules” but I’m no fashion expert. One thing I really disagree with as far as makeup goes, is using pink around the eyes. Pink is the color of inflammation and why anyone would want their eyes to look inflamed is beyond me.

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It creates a “cool” tone feeling. Green to Blue are analogous.

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I think it would be fine. If you like the look, go for it!

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Layer the colors. Start with white on the eyelid itself and then put the green on the ridge above the lid and below the eyebrow. Blend the two slightly together where they meet.

If you search YouTube, there are thousands of tutorials on how to apply eyeshadow and makeup in general.

Take it from a drag queen. You can wear whatever color you want.

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There aren’t any rules, not real ones. Fashion is just fashion and not law. I say if it looks good, it is good.

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Since they’re next to each other on the color wheel they work well together.

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Earth tones are best with blue eyes.

I think a soft looking green is ok. I was always told that you should always look as though you’re not wearing any makeup, to have a natural look.

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I would just experiment with different shades and ways of wearing it… go from there.
There are no rules .. do what you like to do.

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My daughter says it usually won’t look good and confuses the eye colour. I don’t know what that means as I am colour-blind.

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Well I have hazel/ green eyes and I wear different tones of green eyeshadow all the time. It will work with blue eyes because the colors that work for blue eyes will sometimes work for green eyes. Case in point violet and lavendar eyeshadow works for all eye colors.

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I have green eyes and I don’t use blue….usually. If I want to enhance my eyes then I use the browns or the violets.

If you are wanting to use green then layer it (like @Hawaii_Jake has stated) with a brown or maybe even a black.

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It worked for her.

You wear the make-up; you make the rules.

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Go for it!

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The best sort of accent/shadow is the one that is barely seen. If it is ‘noticed’ it is too much.

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Oh my, this takes me waaay back to the 70’s when garish green and blue eyeshadows were all the rage. Egads, I looked like a hooker I’m pretty sure. lol
I have blue eyes and I cringe at the eye makeup I wore back in high school. It works for some, but yes, for the most complementary “eye popping” effect browns and golds are best. I have a sandy gold shadow I wear on rare occasions as I am not much of an eye makeup type and when I actually put on eye shadow and mascara people are blown away, I get a lot of ” Wow…your eyes are SO blue!” haha

I’m more of the earthy type but am addicted to my foundation and lip colors, subtle as they are.

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Yes it’s ok to wear green and blue together. it will make your blue eyes look like they’re greenish-blue which can be very pretty.

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