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Do you find pictures of pregnant child/Disney star Hillary Duff disturbing?

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She’s not a child.

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She’s 25 yrs old, and quite frankly IMO she looks lovely pregnant.

Why would anyone find a pregnant woman distrurbing?

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Nope and I don’t know why anyone would. She’s not a child anymore.

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Can the OP please clarify what’s supposed to be disturbing about the photo?

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The emphasis on “child” leads me to believe the OP’s angle might be a We knew her when she was a child, seeing her pregnant now is weird sorta thing. I guess?

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The question doesn’t presume you should or should not feel one way or another, ok? Gawd, some of you Flutherinos fly off the handle at any hypothetical question. It’s taking a pulse, and seeing what kind of reactions people have to a real world reality, there’s no right or wrong, once again, no need to attack the questioner, no matter how much you feel that might be gratifying, just answer the question or don’t, ok?

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The question as asked @JaneraSolomon, is a yes or no question. aka “poll” question

My answer is no.

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No. Why do you ask (and have you stopped beating your wife)?

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@JaneraSolomon No one has attacked you. Some people are asking what would be disturbing about it. That’s not an attack, it’s a request for more information, which is commonly done on Fluther so that we can provide better answers.

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No I don’t.

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Yes @FutureMemory, most people knew her only as a child star, so it takes a mental adjustment to fully take in the image of her pregnant. How do YOU feel?

Thanks @spatzielover, I agree.

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“and have you stopped beating your wife?”

Am I missing something here? What does this even mean?

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It means that some people prefer attacking anyone who asks an interesting question rather than answering it.

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I don’t find it disturbing at all. I find it sexy. It means (well, most likely) she’s had penis inside of her. A hard penis. I like that thought.

Please post more links of former child stars that are now pregnant!

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The query is an example of a loaded question.

“When did you stop beating your wife” is a famous example of a loaded question, which is an example of a logical fallacy. Source

Viz: “A “loaded question”, like a loaded gun, is a dangerous thing. A loaded question is a question with a false or questionable presupposition, and it is “loaded” with that presumption. The question “Have you stopped beating your wife?” presupposes that you have beaten your wife prior to its asking, as well as that you have a wife. If you are unmarried, or have never beaten your wife, then the question is loaded.

Since this example is a yes/no question, there are only the following two direct answers:

“Yes, I have stopped beating my wife”, which entails “I was beating my wife.”

“No, I haven’t stopped beating my wife”, which entails “I am still beating my wife.”

Thus, either direct answer entails that you have beaten your wife, which is, therefore, a presupposition of the question.

So, a loaded question is one which you cannot answer directly without implying a falsehood or a statement that you deny. For this reason, the proper response to such a question is not to answer it directly, but to either refuse to answer or to reject the question.”

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And now that I think of illogical solutions, there has been a “no poll question” policy here o Fluther because “no” or “yes” answers are boring and tedious.

Plus, if you ask a question in the “social’ section, you have to expect more than “no” or “yes” answers.

And thirdly, the OP does not decide whether his/her question is interesting; the collective does.

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I didn’t mean what I said as an attack, it’s just, well she’s not a child (besides, she’s older than me).

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@gailcalled I agree with all of your points.

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What a bizarre last couple of days.

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A pregnant woman, nothing disturbing there at all.

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I find the pregnant form beautiful and not ever disturbing. Unless that form is on a 11 year old girl.

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This question also falls under the category of “Fallacies of Omisson; complex question. Source.

Complex Question (Also called the “Loaded Question”): Phrasing a question or statement in such as way as to imply another unproven statement is true without evidence or discussion.

This fallacy often overlaps with “begging the question’” since it also presupposes a definite answer to a previous, unstated question. For instance, if I were to ask you “Have you stopped taking drugs yet?” my hidden supposition is that you have been taking drugs.

Such a question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no answer…

In cross-examination, a lawyer might ask a flustered witness, “Where did you hide the evidence?” or “When did you stop beating your wife?” ...

The intelligent procedure when faced with such a question is to analyze its component parts. If one answers or discusses the prior, implicit question first, the explicit question may dissolve.

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I know nothing about the life Hillary Duff leads. She seems to be doing fine and looks healthy. I’ve looked up a couple other photographs. She looks beautiful here

So nope, I don’t find them disturbing :D

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I’m quite disturbed! Oh.. you meant in a bad way. No.. no I’m not.

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I can’t believe Hillary Duff got herself knocked up. Just look at her! Who will my 8 yr old daughter look up to now?~

I don’t find it disturbing at all. I was pregnant at the age of 20 and kept the baby. I know I wasn’t a Disney star to admire and worship, but I did have a promising career in retail when I became pregnant for the first time at the age of 20. I’m sure many of my subordinates at the time lost a lot of respect for me when I became pregnant at an early age.

(wait, who am I kidding? one of my subordinates got the job I had to turn down because I was pregnant!. silly me)

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Not at all. She’s the same age as me and plenty of my friends already have two children so I gathered that early to mid twenties is a popular age to start a family.

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Ya, she’s slightly older than me too so I don’t find it disturbing.

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I don’t find the photos of Hilary Duff disturbing at all. I am not sure why anyone would.

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@JaneraSolomon I have to agree that jellies too often get overly critical of how a question is asked.

My answer to the question at hand is: no, I don’t find the photo disturbing.

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No. She’s 25. I knew my daughter for most of her life as a child, it would not upset me to see her pregnant, either. It bothers disturbs me more to see Lindsey Lohan in and out of jail and rehab.

Once again, @JaneraSolomon you have asked a question where the wording indicates the sort of response you want/hope to get. Do you want us to believe that you are so naive that you don’t understand the emotional context of certain word choices?

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Just another preggo celeb. She’s an adult and seemingly happily married. Definitely a better role model to young girls than that Teen Mom crap.

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@JaneraSolomon: IF you really wanted impartial answers, a better way to word the question would have been (and should have been and could have been) “What is your opinion of this photo of child star/Disney star Hilary Duff?”

Like @gailcalled said, it’s a loaded question with the wording you put.

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She’s gone.

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I can’t imagine why someone so intelligent and with such insightful arguments would have deleted herself.

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@jca She had issues with jellies in another thread, as well. Perhaps that is why.

Response moderated
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@all. Too bad s/he is gone. I didn’t have to fence with my non-dominant arm. I love a worthy opponent, however weird.

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@gailcalled Please don’t take this the wrong way, my tone is low key and come in peace. I don’t think you had to go off topic being a veteran and all. Proving how dumb or smart someones question is, is truly besides the point of a Q and A site. So what if the question was a “loaded gun” type. Just flag the sucker as “unquality” if that is your opinion. I like the idea of “social” being loose. But honestly in my opinion, it looks like he was beat down to a pulp on this thread.
Even if the questioner believed the photo to be disturbing it doesn’t say that in the OP. He/she should of put how or why do we think whatever it is we thought. I believe the questioner has a right to believe his or her question is interesting, other wise they wouldn’t have asked about it in the first place, it would have never sparked their interest. Anyways I’m thinking of quitting this place because it looks like the same jellies keep beating down the newbies, ruining diversity.

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@auhsojsa : I honestly do see your point, but are you not aware of the history that that person had with loaded Qs, stalking posters she didn’t agree with and insulting and flaming other users? There is a whole context there of which you may not be aware.

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But honestly in my opinion, it looks like he was beat down to a pulp on this thread.

@auhsojsa, did you look at the OPs other questions or at the stalking behavior exhibited the day before?

@gailcalled was protecting the intergrity of Fluther. She and I both flagged the question.

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@JilltheTooth I’m pretty sure most of the veterans here are over 25 years old. Why not just answer the question in the most black and white way possible, or just avoid the question altogether though? I have seen that other posted thread regarding the starvation. I don’t feel like they were trying to impose a view upon anyone. For me anyways, how I understood the facts was that, “starving” was getting to the metabolic point where there are triggers in the stomach sending signals back up to the brain to get you to be hungry. As opposed to a fixed schedule of pet feeding. Anyhow, it’s just those 2 questions I’ve seen them post, they just shouldn’t post on social at all because they were taking all opinions personally. @SpatzieLover I understand it was most likely in their best interest to protect the integrity. But check this out, say I’m a child on a play ground, and it’s free to join, then go into the park, and none of the kids like me, and all it takes is a good 3 kids out of 10 to come into my face and tell me what I’m doing wrong, it just takes those 3 kids for it to get really loud in my head and take it personally. Of course we can assume 3 other kids are also trying to say, “hey those 3 other kids getting in your face, they were just helping you”. It doesn’t rub off that way for a newbie. But if one of those kids, the most opinionated one preferably, should’ve have pulled the newbie aside (PM them) and tell them what’s wrong with the question. That’s how you keep the integrity of Fluther, while not losing a member. And if they get out of hand on threads, just ignore it, they won’t get any gratification of, presumably, “erking” someone because that’s what I have gathered some jellies feel their intentions were. My point is, even if those were their intentions, turn the cheek. Flag it, don’t be involved with, “molding” a jelly on the thread, PM works just fine and actually is more calming compared to getting all hyper on the thread.

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should’ve have pulled the newbie aside (PM them) and tell them what’s wrong with the question

This is where context comes in @auhsojsa. The user was PMd by many of us the day prior. She then began stalking via threads & PMs.

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@auhsojsa : Actually, that is an inappropriate assumption, we have many veterans that are under 25. As for the Qs being loaded, I refuse to believe that someone who presents herself in such an educated light is oblivious to the concept of negative indices related to word choice. I PMed her, nicely, I tried to help her on the threads, she wasn’t having any. Lots of noobs come and stay, it’s all about playing nicely. We were all noobs here, once, and most of us learned how not to be pissy and play well with others. We didn’t see disagreement as attacks, we didn’t need to be snide when someone presented a different point of view.

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I did initially, but after a few calculations I realized that it wasn’t mine.

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I’m pretty sure most of the veterans here are over 25 years old.

Can anyone explain why this is relevant to the discussion?

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I think @auhsojsa is suggesting we are all mature enough to moderate our own behaviour and to control our emotions.

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She looks good. I’d be disturbed only if she was, like, really fat, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer.

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I don’t know. Doesn’t she look like she’s gained more weight than someone normally would for a pregnancy? It looks to me like she’s 80 pounds heavier than she was when she was performing. That can’t be healthy. It also won’t be easy to take off after the baby. I thought that it is recommended you gain around 40 pounds at most.

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No…she’s perfect @wundayatta. Not too heavy at all.

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