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Does anyone know a good website for to purchase plane tickets?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) May 22nd, 2008

I’ve tried kayak is there any other.

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wildflower's avatar aren’t bad and cover most destinations.

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I find kayak to be a good one for US purchases. When I was travelling in Europe I used I was able to get one way tickets on short nocite for 30 euros.

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But always check the main carrier, you sometimes can get special discounts when buying directly from them.

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You did not mention domestic or international. Southwest has the consistently lowest fares domestically. I use different sites depending on what kind of travel arrangements I am making. If it is last-minute, I use HotWire or Last Minute Travel. Yahoo travel has a feature that lets you compare best fares from Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.

Happy traveling.

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What I usually do is first check and to get ballpark figures and a list of most of the airlines that go where I want to travel. If it’s domestic US I then go to and, as their fares don’t come up on those sites. I then do as b has just said and check each airline, as many times they post a better price. I also sign up for sale notifications from the airlines that I am interested in. Southwest has one called DING that notifies you daily of sales. Each airline has their own system of pricing and sales. Sometimes it is better to purchase in advance, others have better prices at the last minute. Be sure to read all of the rules concerning refunds. I fly SWA a lot because they have a cancellation policy that suits my needs better. Even on their non-refundable tickets, you can get credit for a flight within a year of booking, should you need to cancel. They will also give you credit if you find a cheaper fare at a later date should you find one online.

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yeah, i would say that and are the best. Some others are or

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Is there better days to actually purchase the tix? I can’t find a good price.

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the prices tend to be higher at the weekends, and obviously the later you leave it they get more expensive, some of the sites, kayak for example, have graphs with different prices for different dates.

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Also depends on the destination and how frequently it is served by the different carriers. Summer prices tend to be higher and with fuel prices rising, so are the airfares. Some cities are lower on weekends, that also depends on destination. Southwest actually has a feature on their site that shows you what days are cheaper for a particular route. I’m traveling twice this summer and for one city I got great weekend rates, actually over a holiday weekend. The other trip is to a destination that I have gotten great fares in past years, this year it has more than doubled and I can’t seem to find any bargains.

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I waited until a few days after Memorial Day and it was down 60 bucks.

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Yes, it can change day by day and hour by hour. My flights for the summer have so far gone down (and I’ve claimed credit for) over $250, so if you booked Southwest, keep checking.

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