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What should I include in a "studying survival kit" as a gift for friends studying for the Bar exam and/or med school boards?

Asked by occ (4080points) May 22nd, 2008

I’m thinking chocolate, of course…and maybe some trashy magazines for their study break…but what else would be nice to include in a packet?

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Bouncy Balls!


Squishy stress squeeze thingy!

A couple “airplane” bottles of booze!

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On the utilitarian, no-fun side, give her/him tools to pass the exam on the first try!

Mnemonics reference material, like this one:

Flash cards (For California Bar exam,
For Medicine et al,

Other study reference material:

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Let’s see. When I studied for the USMLE Step I exam (the only “difficult” one), I really liked chocolate covered espresso beans. Chocolate + caffeine—> burst of energy. Another snack I always liked are those Pull & Peel Twizzlers, hmmm. You could also burn them a CD with some upbeat music (or load it on their iPOD).

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I like the airplane bottles of booze and the squishy stress thingies. Where do I buy those squooshy stress things to squeeze?

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all kinds of junk food. coffee. gift card to starbucks? A card addressing them as “Dr. ___” to help motivate them to reach the goal. you can buy the stress things at the health section of walmart i believe. you can also get them free at a doctor’s office.

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High-end bottled water (got to have something in between caffeine), jasmine tea (include a card with this on it [from meditation and more] “Jasmine has been shown to cause a high level of beta waves in the brain, which revs-up alertness.], nuts, which offer good sustained energy and are tasty, whatever their favorite form of sugar is (for the quick bursts).

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a massage

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i used to treat myself to a bag of sour patch kids during finals….mouth is watering! another nice thing might be some natural stress relief. i LOVE the Bach essence stuff. they sell them in pastilles at natural food stores for about $6

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