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Ever made pictures while in a rollercoaster?

Asked by iwamoto (5277points) May 23rd, 2008

i’m guessing it’s just a bit too dangerous, but have you ever did it?
im heading to sixflags for a few days (that’s right, no iwamoto this weekend) and well, it would be cool to make pictures inside the rides

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I’m not a big fan if rollercoasters and any rides I go on, I’d be clinging on for dear life with both hands! But if you’re ok with the risk of losing grip and having your cam flung out of your hand…...go for it.

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How’s a strap-on going to help?

But seriously, Just use a strap and wrap it tight around your wrist and you should be fine. I’ve done it (I can be pretty clumsy sometimes) and my camera is still with me today.

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It can help…it all depends on the help you need. LOL

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Some things are just a universally good idea….:P

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you said that a strap-on was a universally good idea.

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no, you did :)
I just said ‘some things’......where is your mind?? seriously!

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okay, will try tomorow, that’s right, im such a nerd that i seek fluther on a camping ground, well, im off again, i’ll post some pictures later on, cheers! and thanks for the strap advice!

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Make sure you hide it somewhere while getting on. There’s probably a rule against bringing cameras on the rides.

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dude… I must be a nerd too. I was so happy to find an unsecured wifi access at the ranger house! Fluther+camping@beach=super fantastic

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I just ordered one. They’re expensive, but fun.

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