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Anyone have any ideas why my internet keeps dropping out?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36148points) February 25th, 2012

It’s been doing it for a couple of months. It started with our old computer. Well, we got a new computer and we changed providers, from ATT to Cox. But it still keeps dropping out. We disconnect the router and then sometimes it works. But other times, “whoop!” It’s just gone. Sometimes it comes back right away, other times it’s gone for hours.

We’re bringing Cox in next week, but I was just wondering if there were any geeks out there who might have an idea of what is going on.

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I know I rarely make it two weeks without resetting my router where the wifi goes away, but that is across three routers of different brands and never affected our wired connection.

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We reset stuff, but it just doesn’t seem to help, and it’s an every single day occurrence.

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Last time I had that, December last year, the splitter was defective. I got a free replacement from my provider, and it even was the last one they had in stock in two shops.

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My internet would drop out when I was on the phone. Turns out my wifi and cordless phone were on the same channel. I got a new phone and that fixed the problem.

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Does it happen at the same time each day? Could something be interrupting (or stealing)?

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It’s random @rooeytoo.
That’s a thought, @raggy. I look into that. Thanks!
@TheUserFormerlyKnownAsWorried Guy…we only have cell phones. I do want to get a land line phone just because it’s nice to have something permanent that you can count on.

Thanks for the input ya’ll!

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