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If you had to choose which one of these types of people would you rather be and why?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 23rd, 2008

1. a slave during slavery in America
2. an native American during the trail of tears era
3. a Jewish person during the holocaust?

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1. God no – I would hate being treated that poorly and beaten
2. Probably, yes – Seems like the lesser of the three
3. I’d be dead, so no – If I DID survive, I’d be scarred for life.

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This is a real Hobson’s Choice dilemma, Nighttripper. If there is no 4. None of the above, then I think maybe 1. in hopes that I could be with my family or have a somewhat benevolent owner if that is not an oxymoron.

By the way, I don’t think one can say that any of these situations is any more horrifying than the other. All of them could involve death at any minute. More people died in the Holocaust, but an awful lot of people died in all of these situations.

If only human beings learned from out shameful past, but there are genocides and atrocities occurring today.

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Thinking about this too much is going to make me start crying.

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I’m Jewish, so parts of my family experienced the holocaust so I wouldn’t like to experience it but it would make sense for my to pick that one

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i would pick the holocaust. im jewish, and it seems that our culture is based on suffering. throughout every era, there has been some kind of suffering of jews, except this one. many values are based on suffering and how god brought us out of it, like the passover seder is based on our slavery in egypt. i guess i’d like to experience what my ancestors experienced because if actions speak louder than telling a story. you might want to watch th movie called the wave. a teacher reanacted the holocaust in his classroom and assigned “teams” of nazis and jews. it got very realistic and at some point, someone got beat up almost fatally.

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i would be a cherokee indian during the trail of tears. i would pick that because i have some native american in my blood. im from tennessee and my great grandma was from east tennessee and she was half cherokee. both of my girlfriends grandmothers are full blooded cherokees. i have always heard about the history of these people and am fascinated by native americans in general. another tennessean, Andrew Jackson, cast these people off of there land. He was the american equivalent of Hitler.

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