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Does anyon know how to seperate instuments from a midi?

Asked by jdogg (871points) May 23rd, 2008

Like if a midi has drums, violin, piano, and so on. Can i seperate them into seperate midis?

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Yes, yes you can. First, however, you need software, and I’m unaware of anything free out there that’s fully MIDI capable. Maybe FL Studio demos are now… I guess I haven’t tried the newest versions.

Anyway, if you can find some free midi software, I would just open up the song and mute all the tracks but one (for instance, the drums) and resave the file (“drums.mid”) and do that for all the instruments you want. It might take 3 minutes.

Good luck!

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If you haves mac, just put it into garageband. It separates all the midi tracks and you can solo or mute any that you’d like.

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