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How can I insure my belongings for an out-of-state move when I don't know my new permanent address?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) March 5th, 2012

Moving from CA to WA. I don’t know where my new address is as I’ll be staying at a hostel until I can find an apartment. My stuff is being moved by U-Pack directly into a storage facility in Seattle. What’s the best way to insure my stuff during the move? My renter’s policy only covers stuff while it’s in my current address, then when I move that policy voids, and they won’t cover stuff in storage or while I’m in a hostel, etc. Perhaps a separate shipping/freight insurance policy? Any help would be appreciated here. Thank you!

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Nationwide is on your side. Give them a call and see what they have to offer.

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@john65pennington You still need a permanent address to cover the goods.

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There are insurance companies that sell policies for moving and storing posessions. You need to contact an agent. Google “Moving Storage Insurance” and you will see a long list of companies.

No. You do not need a residential address to insure your belongings. You will need the address of the U-Pack your stuff will be stored in.

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Buy movers insurance.

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I’d look into other renter’s policies as well while you are looking at thing. Our renter’s insurance covers us during a move as well and then immediately picks up at our new address once we are there.

Good luck!

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