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Can weed make you go crazy?

Asked by pinsandneedles123 (15points) May 24th, 2008

I have been a pott smoker for quite sometime. And for some reason there have been 4 times were I have had really bad trips off pott. Well this May Run I smoked some with my girlfriend and it was like I was tripping of Acid or something it was like I had all these uncontolable scary thoughts in my head and now even after the fact that I have smoked it I still get these bad thoughts and there always on my mind… What do I do.?

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Find an alternative to doobage.

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Well I haven’t smoked It since I had that really bad trip! I just want the thoughts to go away now.. And I really don’t plan on smoking again.. I just want to know how to make these bad thoughts go away its like they consume me!

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yes. Yes it can.

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go see a doctor or a therapist.

and just letting you know that smoking weed makes your testosterone level go down…

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Let your brain breathe. Also, not to be mean or picky, but it’s spelled pot.

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So does getting older.

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try doing crank instead. It will make your grammar better.

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You probably smoked Sativa. That a psychoactive type of herb. If you got it from the street, it could’ve been laced. If not, it was probably a high grade sativa. My doc told me to smoke for three months then take a week off. If during that week you have a crazy come down, you’re smoking too much weed.

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yeah weed can make you go crazy hence the term canabis induced psychosis. Which is bad!

Its more likley in those with a pesonal or family history or who are also using other drugs, alochol or tobaco but cases have been reported in people with no other precipitating factors.

See the Priory’s website for more info.

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Maybe tainted, maybe you were in a bad place already mentally.

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you said it was like tripping on acid… Are you sure its buds? Have you heard of salvia? That makes you feel like you’re on LSD. Its also like smoking potpourri… I think that stuff is shit.

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Stop smoking weed immediately. I used to smoke loads of weed and never had any problems until I once got something I’d consider a panic attack while under the influence. Tbh I had a strange lifestyle and some unresolved problems at that time and I think those problems were finally brought to the surface by the weed.

And like in your case the bad thoughts/depression/mental tension remained even when I wasn’t smoking. Couldn’t smoke weed without getting tense and this feeling carried on into my daily life.

My advice is to quit any drugs right now and start a healthier lifestyle (good food/fitness etc). A lifestyle change and a break from smoking weed is the only thing that helps imo. If you got any unresolved issues or problems in your life sort them out. Maybe go on a vacation, do new stuff to get your mind off things. I know a couple of people with similar problems, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If your mental problems don’t go away, go see a doctor.

Edit: Ah sorry I see you quit smoking anyway. So ignore all my quit drugs advice. Try to take your mind off things, new hobbies, vacation, meditation, channel your problems through art/music and work on yourself and your self esteem.

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Or you can Medicate more responsibly.
There are bud strains that help with anxiety/ panic attacks.

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sounds like salvia (sativa) to me! their prolly just reoccurring thoughts because you are worried about it happening.

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Pot can cause anxiety (a.k.a. paranoia).

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I think that you have to become more active when you smoke. The herb makes you paranoid when you just sit and think. Everybody who smokes weed should be doing other things rather than smoking the hooch. Thus brings me to my conclusion…..“If you are going to smoke the weed….be prepared to keep yourself occupied when the wierd thoughts start to come back” If you can remember!!!!

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no it can not make you go crazy…it can lead to paronoia and panic disorders which make it seem as if you are going crazy but your really not and your just thinking about it way too much which produces panic and its hard to control your tought when you panic..i had a really BAD trip first time i smoked it took me like a month to recovere from the panic atacks and they only stoped when i stoped thinking about the problems i had and even tought it was hard tryed to continue daily life activities the only thing that will make u fell normal is when you calm your self down and try to live your daily life…and for your information if you khow those things that kepp cooming into your mind are bad MEANS YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.crazy is when you cant tell whats bad and whats good…

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ok for starters Salvia and Sativa are very different drugs. Sativa is a strain of marijuana which was first discovered in India. Salvia is a plant which belongs to the mint family, if u smoke salvia u have an intense trip which lasts for 10 minutes and is described as being very similar to acid.

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I kno the exact feeling…i use to smoke on and off for awhile until i got in colledg…now i smoke about 3 or 4 times a week [still not that bad]...i just recently started getting really depressed…one day i even cried..i was thinking about things in my life and some unresolved issues i had with myself. the thoughts i had didnt go away after i came down. i got really really worried about myself after that and decided to stop for a week. it helped but when i smoked again they all came back. the other night while i was high i looked n the mirror and thought i was staring at another person. it was scary…my opinion is if your gonna be a smoker, you have to have a strong enough mind to be able to control your thoughts. i think way to much and live inside my head when im sober so its uncontrolable when im high….i think the better thing would be to work out your issues before resorting back t weed. for me, i think im going to quite for awhile

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i smoked everyday all day for a lonnngggg time and then started getting panic and anxiety attacks, i didn’t know it was because of pot, because i was so drenched in smoking i didn’t consider it abnormal for my mind. i stopped smoking after a lot of other trials and i did it cold about only 15 days ago and this is the second time ive stopped cold after a long time smoking. man! i am experiencing some major panic attacks with my mind coming back to normal… like ive been in a dream for a year… not goood…. and so scary i think im going to go nutz… its like i go into the panic mode and any thought i have scares me. i tend to think about how we’re all one a lot and the dreammy pot delusional influence almost convinces me i have no self which is very frightening for some reason?? like someone said when you look in the mirror you don’t recognize yourself etc.. i recommend reading up on panic attacks… in my personal experience there does exist pot withdrawal and for me it is anxiety and panic attacks.. and it is well understood that when you are in the midst of one it is easy to think your life is going to end soon and that a switch might go off and you will be forever crazy. this is normal and you are not going to go crazy. its like a wave and you have to know you’ll always arrive safe on the beach. i recommend you stop smoking pot. just give it up. its not like your mind already isn’t telling you this. listen to yourself and your body. love yourself and pay attention to what is good for you, which it seems is not marijuana. peace

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You see this is funny, all that you guys are talking about is EVERYTHING i’ve been saying this past week. Including the anxiety and thinking your minds gonna switch to insane. But here’s the thing, I’ve been doing drugs since I was young. Coke, heroin, mushrooms, LSD, painkillers, and I smoke COPIUS amounts of weed, and all of a sudden one day I smoke 10x salvia and next thing you know three days later I panicked felt depressed at the same time ands did not know what the fuck to do with myself…... so what do you guys think? And to you guys and the OP that think it’s the weed…. well shit. Have you done any salvia? Lol.

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