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Do you consider yourself to be high Maintenance?

Asked by Adina1968 (2752points) May 24th, 2008

If so what is it that makes you so?

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it takes me >5 minutes to get from sleep to my car in the morning.

(translate that equally to the other aspects of my life)

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I buzzed all the hair off my head just to be low maintanence. I wake up, shower, shave, get dressed and go.

Also, I’m not emotionally high maintanence either. If I have a problem I’ll deal with of myself. I won’t pawn it off on those around me.

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No, I am not high maintenance. My husband is very grateful for that. I do take care of my self and my appearance. I just don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothing, hair dressers, spas, nails, etc. that some other women do. I would rather spend money on traveling with my family or doing other things with my family.

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I like this question. It reminds me of When Harry Met Sally. “You’re the worst kind! You’re high maintenance but you THINK you’re low maintenance.”

In some ways, I’m very low maintanence. I don’t spend much time primping or doing makeup or that sort of thing and I have little patience for talking about fashion. I don’t care that much about “stuff,” I’d rather have experiences. I’m also extremely independent and good at taking care of myself and amusing myself alone. I’m reasonable and clearly express what I want, which cuts down on time-wasting.

But there are ways I’m high maintenance, too. I can’t sleep on the floor or on the ground. Personal comfort is really important to me, so I’m always the one with a sweater (or two). In relationships, I expect to be treated very well. To the point where I probably bail on people too soon because I’m so sensitive. Oh well, I am who I am.

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No~~but like looks it’s in the eye of the beholder.

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I am however I can maintain myself; I don’t expect my husband to do it.

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I don’t, but my husband does. I guess he thinks I change my mind a lot and want a lot – I’ve been doing that for 32 years, so I’m used to it….

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Not self-sufficient; love deeply and widely; need a lot of attention; cry easily; laugh a lot; love to be in contact with other people; on the other hand, have had the same lipstick since l975.
You tell me.

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Not me! I can get out of bed, shower, do hair, make-up and dress to go anywhere within an hour.

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