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What action indicates the change of seasons to you?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) March 15th, 2012

Today was a landmark day. Today we made the first batch of iced tea (switching over from hot tea).

Since we are 20 degrees above the average high for March, I am not sure this will last. But switching to ice tea means that spring and summer are here.

Have you performed any actions that mean the season has changed at your house?

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Seasonal allergies. Sniffle, sniffle! ;)

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@Jude Oh, I’m so sorry. Apparently, the pollen count is really high around here too.

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I opened my windows for the first time since November.

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We went to the garden center/-shop this afternoon and bought herbs in pots, vegetable seeds and soil (we are going to grow them on our balcony, in this thing).
Today was (one of) the warmest and sunniest days this year.
Edit to add: And your annual Spring-related questions, Marina!

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Today I went on a tour of my back yard and then the neighborhood. It was daffodil inspection time. I also took pictures. The daffodils are quite prodigious this year. Perhaps that was because I separated them last year. But then, all the daffodils in the neighborhood seem to be resplendent this year.

My neighborhood tour revealed a number of different types of daffodils that I would like to have in my back yard. I thought of noting down gardens where I might come back later and offer to trade some of mine for some of theirs. But I didn’t.

Soon it will be time to dig up roots. Spring has sprung! Will there be a late, surprise Nor’ Easter with actual snow? It is looking less and less likely.

Edit: oh yeah. I was in a t-shirt for this inspection.

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I’ve switched from winter coats to spring jackets! In June or so, I can start leaving the house in just a shirt, but for now this is a big step.

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@chyna I have been loving the insect sounds from the nearby wetlands as I fall alseep with the cool breeze on my body.

@rebbel Herbs! A very good sign of spring. I was already thinking about going t get some basil.

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When my car has a thick coat of pollen.

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Flowers and trees budding. And @chyna, definitely being able to open all of the windows. Airing out the house is the best therapy.

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Going barefoot.

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Severe thunderstorm warnings galore means spring is on the way in Tennessee.

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Dutchess III, I go barefoot all year long.

I wore police boots for so many years that I swore I would go barefoot after I retired.

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Don’t your toes get cold when it’s below 45?

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@john65pennington I’m sorry. I have to ask…Everywhere? What about the no shirt, no shoes, no service, thing restaurants have? If you walk into the store, do people stare? When you go to a formal event, do you wear dark or white socks, to at least look like you were going for the shoes, but didn’t quite get them on? Does your bubblegum loose it’s flavor on the bedside over night?

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Washing the winter sweaters to put them away for next winter.

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Removed the flannel sheets from the bed.

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Yay barefoot !

I get very sleepy for about a week approximately at each of the equinoxes, I have no idea why.

In the household, I put away the humidifiers and bring out the fans.

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@dabbler Daylight savings change. For some reason it just never, ever bothers me.
You prompted another answer for me though…turning on the attic fan! Then I know it’s really time to put the plants out for the summer!

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I’ve not been in my new place long enough to have any established rituals yet but I’m sure there will be barbecue cooking at some point in the not too distant future.

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Letting the back sliding door stay open in the evening. The cats love it.

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I just heard it…a lawn mower firing up! Lord…when I owned the mower shop that first sound of spring would take me to my knees in breathtaking relief. We made it through the winter, we’re still here, I still have the house, and tomorrow, literally tomorrow we’ll be pulling in money hand over fist and we’ll be fine. For the next 8 months.

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I already switched over the HVAC from winter to summer, and have since run the AC at night.

Like @Jude, our allergies are acting up. I can see the Elms are pollinating. The maples have red shoots.

I raked, spread some dirt and planted grass seed over bare patches today. Soon, I’ll be needing the mower out.

It’s almost hot here. The weekend is supposed to be even warmer. Our son asked if he could put the hose on his slide, and slide down. We actually said “Maybe on the weekend.” That’s just crazy for this time of year!

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@SpatzieLover .. yeah…almost “hot” here too and it’s only March. I hope it doesn’t turn into last summer….

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My husband just reported that it’s supposed to be 75 degrees until next Tuesday here. That’s the daily normal for May/June. It’s the earliest it’s been this warm ever.
My husband is a weather lover…slightly weather obsessed

We’re concerned that we’ll suddenly go back to winter weather and have tree/shrub damage/loss. When this has happened in the past, we’ve lost trees. :( This weather promotes early mating, too…Baby birds too early is never a good thing.

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Well my neck o’ the woods in Northern California, we’re finally getting some much needed rain and snow all week, sooo, you east coasters have the west coast weather we had the last 2 weeks. lol

Go ahead and keep it for a awhile. :-D

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We had one mild day last week here in england town, the first for many a month.
The reaction? Enjoy the bugger for it will be brief.

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@ucme I don’t know where in England you are, but here in Cheshire we’ve had mild weather for weeks.

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@Bent Oh i’m way up here in the north east, brass monkey weather tha nars.

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Day 4 of rain, rain, rain….yee haw, them pastures are greenin’ up right purdy and the moss in the old hangin’ tree is absolutely neon!

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Just now hearing the first lawn mowing of the season, 3/15/12. OMG, I’ve turned into JackAdams.

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Left my window open all night and the blinds up to see the sun in the morning. Also tended to the balcony to get it out of it’s drowsy winter state.

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@ucme Geordies are supposed to be immune to the cold. I’ve seen them jumping into the North Sea on Boxing day.

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@Bent Ahh you see, you make the classic error of assuming that all north easterners must be geordies, not the case at all.
As for the cold, I prefer it warm, only completely though.

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I saw my first coltsfoot flower yesterday.

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Bah…no lawn mowing yet, nooo!
Don’t rush things, I still want the winter we never had. haha

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Blisters on my hands from raking the yard, getting ready to seed.

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OMG, I am so sore this morning, I pulled up about a dozen huge, dead, 8 foot tall Mule Ears weeds with 2–3 foot long tap roots yesterday….jesus, whatta workout! lol
I had visions of rolling down the hill and stabbing myself with the garden shears. haha
Local headlines read: ” Woman found dead apparently a victim of spring gardening alone on her secluded property.” ” Authorities say it looks as if she fell backwards down a steep embankment while weed pulling and impaled herself on a pair of garden scissors.” lol

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@Coloma Uh, not so funny C. We would miss your wit.

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LOL..well, it would be a fitting death then, a sharp witted person killed by a sharp edged tool. haha

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There are some that would say I’m a half-wit…

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