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What sign of spring stirs your heart the most?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) March 1st, 2012

For me, it is the blooming of the forsythia.

But there are so many other great ones. Don’t you just love spring?

The other day I smelled a hyacinth. That’s one of my favorites.

What’s yours?

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Warmer temperatures.

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I can’t explain it but just recently the sun has been shining and it has been warmer and it just feels like spring. There is a different smell and a freshness to the air. This time of year always reminds me of my childhood and, at the first sign of sunshine after winter, getting excited about the 6 week summer break!

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Robins singing.

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I woke up this morning to let the pooch out, and could hear the birds singing away! Also, that warm sunshine that comes through my kitchen. I’ve noticed it the last couple of days. =)

We’re hitting 50 here, tomorrow in S.W. Ontario.

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The scent! The buds appearing. Fresh grass. More sun. Less clouds. Chirping birds in the morning. Sunrise before I have to get up. The possibility to leave my window open during the night.

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Seeing the daffodils inching up brightens my spirit. Just a bit ago when I took the dogs out, I saw the tulip greens pushing up…Hooray! Spring is on it’s way!

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I love going to work in the daylight! Also seeing the trees bud, the flowers bloom and the lawn green up. My crocuses are always up first, and it is such a welcome sight to see them, even if they come up through the snow.

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My daffodils are peaking out. Spring is almost here.

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I was just out looking at my wild plum bushes starting to bloom.


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I have snowdrops and small lavender crocuses in bloom amidst the snow, which is still falling.

I also have about 5” of daff. leaves up in the more protected spots. The buds on the lilacs and forsythia are swelling, and I have some forsythia (that I forced) blooming inside in the cobalt <=====blue vase visible in my avatar.

The equinox is three weeks away and we switch to DST on March 11.

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Warmer temperatures and sunlight.

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Seeing and hearing birdies (other than those nasty black, barking crows).

I’m not sure what kind of birds these are, but they make a cute little Tee-doo sound.

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Longer daylight hours, especially after Daylight Savings kicks in. I’m more productive and energetic during the daylight!

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The welfare rats sitting outside on their porches, rather than inside the house, drinking beer when I drive home.

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Sun, birds singing. Sitting in a pub beer garden with a pint, instead of inside huddled near the fireplace.

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@Bent You’re not a welfare rat are you? Sorry, couldn’t resist.:)

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I loathe spring, I’d rather it be a cold winter all year with plenty of snow. :)

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US Masters golf & lamb chops for tea…..yummy.

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The vibrant tall green grass all over these hills and the wildflowers. Amongst other things one big sign of spring I am battling right now are the flocks of wild turkeys that start pilfering all of my goose feed during the breeding season. Songbirds too. Every bird on this mountain grows their eggs on Purina Flockmaster feed. lol

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Robin eggs! Baby robins! Small fluttering birdies instead of the usual crows we see everyday!

And lilac trees in bloom all over town.

If I was in Alabama, I’d say the entire mountain I used to live on ablaze with flowering trees.

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I bought a budding hyacinth today. I have it sitting on my desk and can’t wait until it opens and perfumes the room.

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@Adirondackwannabe nope, not a welfare rat, just struggling along in work as long as I can manage. :)

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